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The Experimental Tarot


2 - Virgin

"Innocence is truly strength"

In a full moon night a young girl in white cloth, symbolizing innocence of the heart, sleeps underneath the open sky. A serpent, representing the experience contained in deeper parts of her consciousness, watches over her sleep, protecting her vulnerable state. The serpent's tail is transformed into a rose - experience gained and used in innocence leads to beauty. Wild yellow flowers are in full bloom, enhancing the beauty.

Neptune/Ascendant: Depth of perception, vulnerability.

Theme for contemplation: Truth is the source of my strength.

Affirmation: "I am what I am"

Hint: Experiment with the "mirror meditation". Sit 15 minutes in front of a mirror in a darkened room, having only two candles lit by the side of the mirror. Try to keep a steady gaze. Do this meditation for 21 days straight.