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Osho An, Japan

Osho Center Parade: Osho An, Japan

Another tour around Osho centers has its stop in Japan. The old house, where people have been living already for 11 years, is placed near mountains, forest and rice field. All that creates a certain Zen atmosphere. You are especially invited in spring and autumn. Loud dynamics are guaranteed!

mini-interview with Moumina

Tantra Dewdrops: mini-interview with Moumina

Ma Moumina, an excellent Osho therapist, has opened during five days-long group for more than 20 women an inner space for their female energies. The process inspired us for asking her couple of questions related to tantra, to being a woman and self-love.

Photogallery II

Ma Amar: Photogallery II

Ma Amar! That Amar, who can see the colors and who can pack them into her camera.
In the second part of Amar's Photogallery breathes India. People, brighteness, feelings, and that something very special in the air.

Croydon Hall, England

Osho Center Parade: Croydon Hall, England

Somerset, Quantock Hills, old mansion house with a colourful history, ruins of Cleeve Abbey nearby. No wonder, that Croydon Hall used as the subtitle Venue with a difference. It is different, or rather unique - as everybody is - with its own flawor, with his own signature. Let's have a look, how are workshops, trainings, celebrations and other activities together with the daily life happening there.

SHANGRI LA, Czech Republic

Osho Center Parade: SHANGRI LA, Czech Republic

We are going from Argentina back to Europe, Czech Republic. Have a look to the Shangri La OMC. The center is a real international commune. People from many countries come and stay here to live and participate in groups.

Meditation Center in Buenos Aires

Osho Center Parade: Meditation Center in Buenos Aires

Let's make a jump to the southern hemisphere, straight to the big city of Buenos Aires, loved and hated, hectic but still somehow lazy, with crowdy pathwalks but with one quiet place in Sto Domingo. Right there Osho Meditation Center invites us to contiunue our Osho Parade tour. Enjoy!

SUGAMA, Czech Republic

Osho Center Parade: SUGAMA, Czech Republic

OMC Sugama starts up the tour over the world. Hope the information you get will give you at least general overview about the center, which is prepared to welcome visitors at any time, by day, by night.

Open letter regarding East & West Sannyas Misunderstanding

Devakrishna: Open letter regarding East & West Sannyas Misunderstanding

To Neelam the devotional, Thatagat the thief, Keerti the journalist and the rest of the involved Indian Sannyas.
This open letter from Devakrishna has already a response from Sw Chaitanya Keerti.

Photogallery I.

Ma Amar: Photogallery I.

Ma Amar is a wonderful photographer. She is also a beautiful woman, therapeut and sweetheart friend. Her life has been bridging over the Europe and India for many years. Pictures for this gallery were taken and inspired by the people, colours and the atmosphere in Indian villages.
You can meet her while she is growing and taking care about the most wonderful flower in the world - the Mystic Rose. Being a leader of this unique Osho therapy for nearly 20 years, she has already cultivated quite a big garden. No-mind and Born Again are other groups and trainings she leads in Pune and other Osho centres around the world.

Osho Center Parade. Introduction and invitation.

rs: Osho Center Parade. Introduction and invitation.

As we know, many sannyasins enjoy travelling. Internet can do much help - as finding information about various places quickly and easily, buying tickets within few minutes, reserving hotels etc. We decided to introduce Osho Center Parade at to explore different Osho centers around the world. When you set for your next trip, this info might be useful for you.

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