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What the Sea Said

Sadananda: What the Sea Said

Once upon a time there was a restless soul who went looking for the infinite to help it come to terms with all the sorrows and pleasures of the finite...

White Robe Disco in new Auditorium

Clawn: White Robe Disco in new Auditorium

Another look at the biggest change in Pune Meditation Resort - opening the new Auditorium. First Dynamic, Celebration and Party. "... lamps floating in the pond at the entrance and the ambience was such that you could not but get mesmerized. Maroon clad fellow travelers moving around the auditorium looked so ecstatic that you could easily become jealous of them".

Buddhahall farewell celebration

Devapria: Buddhahall farewell celebration

Meditation Resort in Pune opened the new Auditorium and the old Buddhahall had the last Osho White Robe Brotherhood evening. Here we are introducing a glimpse of the final celebration, which sent Devapria to her friends. With her kind permission we share this also with you.

Humaniversity, Holland

Osho Center Parade: Humaniversity, Holland

Another invitation from European big sannyas community in Holland. Very juicy and alive community of people living in a vision of friendship - the highest of all Human Arts, referring to themselves as a "family". Those who come there can bring this feeling and learning about relating to the world.

The Experimental Tarot

Samvado Gunnar Kossatz: The Experimental Tarot

Life to me is like a scientific experiment, thus the naming of this Tarot. Within a given framework, the outcome is unknown and undetermined, free will is being exercised at all times. I love the experiment of life. The Tarot has served me in the most vivid (meaning "chaotic") parts of it as a mapping- and awareness tool.

power, trip or group protection?

Role of the leader: power, trip or group protection?

Affairs in the Czech sannyas community inspired us to ask a question to the public. It happens. Someone leads the group or is a head of the center and one day he decides to throw someone out. What is the motivation and how people react to that situation is to be the theme of the series of answers we got from different people. The first one is from Sw Deva Sarlo. Questions were:
- is it ok, when the leader of the group throws somebody out of the group? under which conditions?
- is it ok when the owner of medicenter throws somebody out of the group or cancels his participation in another group? under which conditions?

Floods catastrophe at Osho Manjusha Meditation Centre - You can help!

Ma Abheeti: Floods catastrophe at Osho Manjusha Meditation Centre - You can help!

The large floods catastrophe in Germany passed also the Osho Manjusha Meditation Centre in Schmiedeberg near Dresden (Germany), situated in the beautiful mountains of the Erzgebirge. It did not only interrupt our Midsummer Holiday Festival in it's second week but also damaged our place seriously.

Sannyasins are just normal people

Silja: Sannyasins are just normal people

Silja, a smart lady from Berlin, mother of two beautiful children, femme fatale of the Shangri La caretaker, has been visiting us regulary nearly every two months. We gave her couple of questions to find out, how does she feels here in the sannyas community as she has not decided for herself to take sannyas yet.

Osho Tapoban, Nepal

Osho Center Parade: Osho Tapoban, Nepal

Osho Tapoban is a place for all who are in the path of inner exploration. Staying in th Himalayan forest is a experience and staying in the Buddha field is a blessing.

the Essence

Sharing: the Essence

It must be understood that man consists of two parts: essence and personality. Essence in man is what is his own, personality in man is what is 'not his own'. Not his own means what has come from outside, what he has learned .... all words and movements that have been learned, all feelings created by imitation - all this is 'not his own', all this is personality ...
G.I. Gurdjieff

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