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English media in the Fire II

OSHO Virtual Press Office: English media in the Fire II

This is a press release from OSHO Virtual Press Office, sent by Sw. Dhyan Giten.

Complaint against The Observer filed with The Press Complaints Commission.
A "charlatan" or an Enlightened Master in the tradition of Jesus or Buddha?

A complaint has been filed today with The Press Complaints Commission against The Observer (UK) under the Code of Practice on the grounds of defamation and inaccuracy.

19th January - Let

rs: 19th January - Let's Celebrate!

On 19th January we had three reasons to celebrate. No, normally we don't need at least three reasons for celebration, but this day is a special one, you know.
Osho has left his body 14 years ago, 7 years has passed since Nishkam has become Nishkam - sannyasin, 3 years has passed since entered the internet. Yahoo!

Dead Man Walking

Leela: Dead Man Walking

Dead Kennedys. Dead or Alive. Dead Can Dance. Some significant memories of the teenage-age of a man, lets call him Dead Man Walking (D.M.W.). Bitterly sweet time when a man is walking, not knowing anything, wants to know everything.

Osho Channeling II

Ma Mukto: Osho Channeling II

The mind is full of questions. The questions need energy.
Because we are so busy with them, it remains little energy to live.

My Dream Coming True

Prapati: My Dream Coming True

Short interview with Prapati, young and beautiful lady living in the Czech Osho Shangri La MC. Or rather an illustration of Prapati's creativity in her pottery workshop, as questions and answers have been memorized by Nishkam while taking pictures and easy talking at the same place.

Osho Channeling

Ma Mukto: Osho Channeling

What is channeling?
For what is good? It is true?

Through the year with Rumi. November.

Sadananda: Through the year with Rumi. November.

Should heartache enter your mind and ambush your joy, yet it prepares the way for happiness.

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