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Anurag Shantam: Awakening

I received sannyas in 1981. My journey since then has unfolded in strange and mysterious ways, quite unexpectedly revealing to me the simple, subtle truth of the most ancient spiritual scripture of the West. Initially surprised at where this journey had taken me, I nonetheless realized I was Western, my consciousness had been shaped by the beliefs of the West, and it made perfect sense that a Western scripture would hold the key for unlocking the ego grip on the West. In an attempt to share what I had discovered on my journey, I wrote a manuscript describing a very simple teaching, a very direct path, home. One simple watching meditation opens all the doors, revealing the treasure hidden within. Not an instant enlightenment, but an awakening in stages. Very natural, very organic.

Osho in Singapore

Ma Dhyan Tara: Osho in Singapore

Who is Ma Dhyan Tara? Besides answering this question regularly in third phase of Dynamic meditation, she runs Osho Information Center in Singapore and conducts meditation workshops. She also runs Active Meditation for the After Care Program at the Singapore Anti-Narcotic Association (SANA). But this theme will come later in detail. Now we would like to introduce just a bit of Singapore juicy Osho atmosphere.

Roohani joins our team

rs: Roohani joins our team

Our spirit grows. Osho welcomes a new team player. Now we are three. Nishkam, Roohani and Leela. Roohani came in October and will stay with us till summer. This is a short introduction of Roohani, from whom you might get from time to time a message, email, present, big hug, request, love, postcard .... anything. We wish her good times with our project.

Dance postcard

Mukto: Dance postcard

First step and the last
The emptiness is pulling
Gone, gone and disappear.

Reporting From The Osho Resort

Ma Satya Priya: Reporting From The Osho Resort

To watch new people, especially older people, enter this beautiful bookshop and look at the books and audio CDs; to see them trying to pick one that will perhaps help them the most; to see them go from one to the other and finding it so difficult to choose, is so touching. There is a quality of innocence in the search.

If I ran the commune

Simon Tzu: If I ran the commune

Anyone who has spent any time with Osho will tell you the same thing - Osho Commune International is flat and lacking in life. One walks around and wonders where is the boisterous laughter? Where is the exhuberance of spirit? Where is the juice? Where - for fuck's sake - has the swearing gone? It feels like what once once an island of rebellious bliss is transforming into a tofulike mush.

What a Joke!

Devakrishna: What a Joke!

The story Osho International - Puna headquarter told me in few words:

Osho Meditation Resort

Simon Tzu: Osho Meditation Resort

I have had a long connection with Osho. My mother took Sannyas from Osho in 1972 while 6 months pregnant with me. I was therefore one of the first (if not actually the first) children born to one of Osho's disciples. I have grown up in the presence of Osho's books and picture and in 1985 I took sannyas myself while in Rajneeshpuram in Oregon. My sannyas name is Swami Prem Pranshu.


Simon Tzu: Pune

I am now in Pune for the celebaration of Osho leaving his body (dying for those of you not into the whole time/matter/space is all one thing) on the 19th of January. It has been 5 years since I was last at the Ashram (aka "Osho Mediataion Resort") and am feeling quite strange about being here and walking around.

Nishkam: Web site changes

You have probably noticed some changes on this web site. We started with re-design and other improvements. Changes are big and they can take some time.

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