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The Head, The Heart and The Hara

Sw Bavala: The Head, The Heart and The Hara

In 1974, Veeresh was planning to go to Okinawa to study Karate, when on his way to Japan, he stopped by Osho's Ashram in Pune and became a sannyasin.
In the early eighties, when sannyasins in most capitals of Europe went to demonstrate for Osho's right to stay in the United States, Veeresh organised his staff as security team.

Light on the Path

Sw. Dhyan Giten: Light on the Path

Swami Dhyan Giten answers your questions on meditation and spiritual growth.
"Light on the Path is an invitation, which can bring light on your path to discover the inner being."

Song of Meditation: Interview with Swami Dhyan Giten

Giten is educated in both modern psychology and in Eastern methods for awareness and meditation in USA, Italy, Sweden and India. He has 18 years of experience in individual counselling and in teaching awareness, works internationally with seminars, courses and longer development programs. - How it Happened, How it is

Leela, Nishkam: - How it Happened, How it is

Maybe some of you have already discussed this new site and you might be curious who is/are its creators? The question "Who..." is known to many of us. The answers sometimes differ. You are invited to read couple of words that can clear up the RebelliousSpirit background for you.


Swami Satyam Bodha: Poems

Bodha arrived to (as he says) Noland in 1961. He jumped into poetry writing, and published two poetry books: Buddha is a Woman (1992) and Gods Sleep on the Scaffolding (1996). He lives near Warsaw, has a dog and new Internet dial-up connection. He also runs an Osho website in Polish language.

Flowers of Osho

Sw Dhyan Giten: Flowers of Osho

Swami Dhyan Giten???s meditative art flowers out of meditation. You will be able to feel the fire of awareness and the fragrance of love through his paintings. This is art that can nourish your inner being and open the door to your inner source of love, meditation & beauty.

The Lightning Doesn

Bhagat: The Lightning Doesn't Ask You before Striking You

The question of whether to stay with one´s Master after he has left his body or to look for a new Master is one of the central issues ­ or maybe the central issue ­ for a disciple. And looking at the many aspects and experiences my friends have shared with me, it´s beyond right or wrong.

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