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Simon Tzu: Pune

I am now in Pune for the celebaration of Osho leaving his body (dying for those of you not into the whole time/matter/space is all one thing) on the 19th of January. It has been 5 years since I was last at the Ashram (aka "Osho Mediataion Resort") and am feeling quite strange about being here and walking around.

There is bot a strong sadness and a desire to rebel crazily at the creeping conformity I see. the offical line is that those of us old-time osho lovers (I have been connected to him my whole life as my mother is a disciple) are living some nostalgic haze and the center needs to move with the times.


All of us? Because well of 90% of those who were with Osho when he was alive no longer care to be very involved with the work the official organisation is doing. Most do what I am doing now - drop in from time to time to express our love, pay our respects and reflect on how things have changed.

Pune I arrived in Pune this morning - at about 4am waaay too early. The new freeway has cut the Bombay-Pune journey time down to 2 hours from about 6 so I got to spend some time sitting in the dark outside the German Bakery in Koregon Park. I then went around Pune for about an hour with an asshole of a rickshaw driver who promised me a cheap room for the morning but was just bullshitting trying to get me to take a night in a hotel where he was getting comission.

As a Gora (disparaging term for a white person) one expects to be seen as ridicuously wealthy and somewhat stupid but the contempt westerners are held in is far far more palpable in Koregon park Pune than it is in Bombay. Maybe this is because the presence of the Osho center allows westerners to escape into little bubble insulated from the authentic India and the local people react to this.

So I am travelling alone again. Am a little mixed about this - travelling alone is great because you get to do your own thing and you also meet a lot more people. However the companionship was wonderful and its taking me a while to adapt to being alone.

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