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Leela: Looking from the Window

With deep respect to all of you and your own experience I would like to take a space for sharing my dialogue with nature, which can be also called 'green hills as reflectors of my mind'. I am usually touched when hearing statements about what is and what is not mind, what is projection, mind-fuck etc. I gave more attention to what is happening in my head, from where all these ideas might come and some answers showed me, that mind is an amazing phenomenon for me.

Last experience showed me, that my mind gives me possibilities. It is up to me, whether I use them or not. It is up to me, what I choose as valid, worth-trying and what I mark as rabish. Last experience showed me, that any crazy idea in my head can be realized. Thoughts are part of our world, common space, where we live, so it must be possible to realize them.

One day I felt energy to give questions and receive answers to that theme. I decided to ask nature, as sharings with trees, rivers, flowers, hills, wind, moon, fire and many others have a special value for me. I decided to ask one place - hills of the old celtic site, on which I am looking everyday from a window. The place is very near, I even didn't need to go out, so the decision was ready. I opened the window, and after short introduction I started to ask. Everything what I received, was not that new for me, but the form was of a full-body-experience with clear pictures. And because I still feel an openess remaining after that 'session', I want to share it. Just for a pleasure, not because I want to state some facts or insist on something. It was just one pleasant slow Sunday afternoon and it has gone now, same as those thoughts.

I asked about showing my patterns of creating and perceiving 'reality' in an understandable way.
Mind is working within a certain frame. The more you open yourself, 'spread your wings', the bigger is the frame, but still it is a frame. Paradox is, that 'simple-minded' people have the same chance for their realization or attaining truth as the 'seekers' have. Seekers and mind-creatives can only choose from a bigger platform of possibilities, can have more toys to play with. Try to open your window more, you will see more, but still you will be standing behind that window. The sky is more vast, but anyway symbols you receive will be adjusted to your limited pattern of perception and to your limited interpretation. To see the 'real' is not about shifting borders but to stepp out of all the frames totally and at once.

Why do I feel negativity inside, when there is no reason outside
This is the outcome of the subconscious work - it leads. You have the 'muster' - sample inside. When in the past you were influenced by some statement, it is still valid for today. It is part of the subconsciousness and it will remain there. Forget about any transformation, reprogramming or changing the negative into positive. The input was there, is there and still will be. It is just a question of appropriate time or situation for the input to remain in sleepy mode or to be activated again. All the rest is up to your awareness.

I asked about synchronicity and sudden situations happening by chance
It works, as people have very similar programs, same license. There are few basic impulses, people react similarily. Then happenings by chance create another common frame.

What about protectors, nature-spirits?
Do you want to see them? Here you are, plenty of. You choose in what you want to believe. Subconscious world reflects the 'reality' and vice-versa. The more hectic is the marketplace, the more hectic are your subconscious reflections. Also subconscious part is working within a frame.

Why so many 'nature-spirits'?
Why there are so many people in the buses, on streets, shops, everywhere? 'why in offices work 3 people instead of 1?
Nature-spirits, if you want to believe in them, are basically just reflecting 'your world'. Your cities are crowdy and still spreading, it is obvious that small green places are also crowdy, overhelmed with nature-spirits. And that's why response from a nature can be easily misleading. But still you have more variables and possibilities.

However fast is your mind-machine in creating variabilities, possible connections, interpretations, explanations, it works just out of past experience, with already known attributes. Adding new program might take some time, changes require time and space for integration, as they are new for the system. Change your blood, your body will get used to it several weeks at least. The same it is with mind.

All these answers are coming from your own mind-frame, the broader frame, the more "interesting" answers. All answers are of your own creation. It is you who picks them up....and creates another frame-layer.


Sorry, if you have a headache, the only thing I can recommend, is to go to the nature :-)

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