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Devakrishna: What a Joke!

Devakrishna: RE:RE:What a Joke!
Date: Nov 21, 2005, 13:45
Swarupa, about ur trip about money, here is what i wrote to Sangeet at

hi Sangeet, no, I was called in and told that what I wrote, the only thing I missunderstood was the 300 words allowance per page, It is actually 'per website', for the rest I tryed to write it clearly and simple.

If all that I been told was true ... I don't know.
I felt the person honest while he was speaking to me, but still I don't know if all true.

What pushed me to upload that infos was a personal pain in my heart seeing this enormous separation between all my friends and the Resort.
Altrough I ended it with 'WHAT A JOKE'.
I was trying to turn it as a Joke, maybe because I did and the habit to do comics ... you know ....

But in reality it hurt me experiencing the resort so beautifull, with so many new people, with more people meditating in the big meditation hall than when Osho was in his body, and everything just exuisite ..... and at the same time meeting all the older sannyasing my friends bitter at the situation.

The 2 things did not make any sense to me.
And all these fights.

My article was mybe a try to get everybody antagonistic to mybe have a deeper look in the situation.
Or mybe to find out more what exactly is the case by going to talk to the people running the place.

The place is big.
It needs to be run.
I am not the tipe to such work.
Are you?
Are the one who are angry at it?

I guess uncnsciously I was tryng to get the opposite parties together and talk.

I guess unconsciously I wanted to see all my friends cruising again up and down the Resort with big smiles on theyr faces, girls cheking the boys ... boys checking the girls ....
Like it used to be.

I guess I am past oriented.

I guess I am attached to all the beautifull friends I loved over the years and want to see them again in time to time, and the easy would be in Pune.

Or, as I been told, I was mybe trying to "SAVE" the old sannyas.

As for me all the copyright issues is mumbo-jambo.
All I care is what practically works to keep the place going and make it more beautifull.

And to do that one needs money.
So why many have a trip about it?
That the place is now a Church and is only business?

Such bullshit!

My argument is to all who are negative about.
and if the answer is yes:

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