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Parmartha: SHEELA Shenanigans

Sw Amano Srijan:
Date: Jun 24, 2004, 18:10
but she has such nice juicy tits
one's which I would like to lovingly fondle

Glorious Gloria:
Date: Jun 29, 2004, 18:25
but what about us srijan??

phil: sheela
Email: captaincud@yahoo
Date: Aug 26, 2004, 15:43
there you go,parmartha
that`s about the level of response you will get from retarded `sannyasin` morons,who probably think they are `playful`and being funny.

Katha: No Resentment Games
Date: Sep 3, 2004, 18:00
Hi ,
are you American? Why this resentment towards Sheela. I can only say the Best years of my life ,I had because sheela made it possibal. There are no bad things in life happening -ONLY GOOD HAPPENS !Thank you all for the great time we had "under Sheela".
stay centered Katha.


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