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Sw. Dhyandev: An interview with the original rebel

Katha: RE:An interview with the original rebel
Date: Aug 19, 2007, 7:54
thank you for this Interview..if only more sannyasins would wake up !
with all my Love Anurag Katha.

if you get the time pls. visit www.oshorebel

You are more than welcome,love you !!!!

    Prashant Chakravarty: RE:An interview with the original rebel
    Date: Mar 19, 2009, 18:08
    Open anti-Indian racism is practicised in the ashram. The first time a person comes to Ashram; only Indian men are called for a meeting in afternoon where they are insulted by a bouncer type man; "Indian men ogale at women and do eve teasing, so we are warning you if you guys are caught you will be thrown out" in this threat meeting even people in sixties are not exempted.

    I am myself 44 year old with serious Parkinson debility and my both hands shakes-can't even walk straight yet I am one of the would be potential loafer who was forced to attend this welcome meeting.

    I remember in 90's admision was strictly issued after careful interview by a senior Sanyasin, & no one had problem even in common uni-sex locker room, but now the money greedy management simply asks to pay Rs.1060/- and come for the racial insult.

    I was even thrown out from the Osho Audiotorium by a brash young white because I was doing silent sitting medition and not physical one due to my health problem (at 12:20 on 16/03/2009). This was probably my last visit in this life due to my declining health reason yet I was insulted in this un civilised manner. Is this neo-spirituality?

saha: RE:An interview with the original rebel
Date: Oct 16, 2009, 14:35
yes yes


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