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Sw. Dhyandev: An interview with the original rebel

Invite Osho's enlightened disciples to guide the Pune Commune
The current copyright controversy within the Osho International Foundation comes as no surprise to Swami Chaitanya Bharti. One of Osho's earliest sannyasins and his appointed teacher of meditation, he was the first sannyasin to raise his voice against the Inner Circle’s obsession with control and its interference in spiritual matters.As a result, he was banned in July 1993.

Osho and Sw Chaitanya Bharti

Seven years later, his predictions seem to be coming true. Half a dozen Osho communes in India and Nepal have cut off ties with the Inner Circle-controlled Pune commune, two-thirds of the original Inner Circle has quit and many longtime sannyasins including Osho’s former secretary for India Ma Yoga Neelam and former commune spokesperson Swami Chaitanya Keerti, are now contemplating legal action against the commune. The issues which are now being raised are almost identical to the ones he had raised.

What was it that prompted you to speak out against the Inner Circle’s policies in 1993?
I saw that the Inner Circle was playing mischief with Osho’s fundamental message, which was meditation. How could Osho have left behind instructions not to meditate for more than three days? All his life he taught that one should meditate every moment.

Did you see this mischief as a conscious effort or just a lack of understanding?
The person who wields power has to establish it by controlling others. And the person who seeks power in any form cannot be spiritual person. A religious person seeks shanti (peace), not shakti (power). So the one who seeks power is on the wrong track right from the start. Everything he does will lead him further astray.

Sw Chaitanya Bharti As the Inner Circle don’t they have to make decisions which will determine the actions of others?
Of course, but I’m only saying that they should not use Osho’s name to enforce their decisions. They put their words in Osho’s mouth. Earlier in the guise of Osho guidance and nowadays by saying that Osho had said this privately in such-and-such year. Their problem is that no one will listen to their dictates unless they create the illusions that Osho had handed them down secretly. For eight years now they have been fooling sannyasins in the name of Osho. Earlier, no one was ready to accept this but now people are waking up. They have seen that in the past ten years almost two-thirds of the Inner Circle has either resigned or been forced to leave, and shown their dominating attitude in every aspect of Osho’s work - all in the name of Osho. And their problem is that no one will accept their decisions if they say it is their thinking. If they use Osho’s name, at least half the sannyasin world will accept it without questions. Those who have understood him deeply and lived his teachings, will never accept these people. But when the sannyasin community is divided, then the Inner Circle’s task is made easier. So, in essence, these people have done the task of dividing Osho’s people.

But isn’t it possible that Osho did actually make plans for the future of the commune?
Once, before he left his body he was asked, ‘What will be the future of the commune after you go?’ he had replied, ‘Who cares? I live in the present.’ Do you think such a person will leave behind detailed schemes instructing that only maroon underwear should be worn in the swimming pool? Do you think he would leave guidance to open account in Switzerland and to copyright all his meditations? Even when he was in the body, he used to respond from moment-to-moment. When a problem was presented before him, he used to give a solution in that instant. If he left extensive plans for the future, then he was not a spiritual person at all! Only an ordinary person dreams and then makes grand plans for their fulfillment.

What is your viewpoint on the copyright issue?
According to me there should be no copyright on Osho’s name and work. Now sannyasins are fighting to get the copyright back to India. I say there should be no copyright at all - neither in the West nor in India. Anyone , anywhere who wishes to publish Osho’s books should be free to do so at his own expense.

So what will be the effect of this on Osho’s work?
What is Osho’s work? To awaken people. The disciples who have truly understood him and worked on themselves will awaken and continue Osho’s work. It cannot be stopped. Now even Osho cannot stop it. Marketing Osho’s books and tapes is not all there is to Osho’s work. The real work is to transcend your ego, to erase yourself.

Sw Chaitanya Bharti How do you suggest the current tug-of-war between the sannyasins and the Inner Circle over the Pune commune be resolved?
Now I think it is the time for Osho’s enlightened disciple from all over the world to be invited to guide the Pune commune. They should bring their light together to make the crucial decisions and a functional body like the Inner Circle should be empowered only to carry them out. When the real master is not around, the servants starts believing that they are the masters.

Many longtime sannyasins are moving in search of other gurus. Do you think that Osho sannyasins should seek a living Master?
He himself said this many times, in different ways. At one time, he said it is not the meditation technique which works, but the presence of the living Master which makes it effective. The technique is like a toy or a pacifier given to a child. The Master is like a mother who watches over the child and ensures that he is moving on the right path. In this case what has happened is that the mother has gone, the ayah has taken control and driven away the elders in the family.

Most people find it contradictory that as a Gyani you say it is all a dream-play and at the same time you argue so forcefully against the Inner Circle’s policies.
Once the understanding happens, the individual knows that the body has a role to play in life. So he plays the role which is destined for him, and he plays it with totality. He is a perfect actor! But he also knows he is not the character he is playing so at the end of the day he is relaxed. After the curtain falls, Ram and Raavan may sit backstage and even share a beedi! Once you know what you really are, there is no fear. This is the only sign of the enlightened person. He will not be a coward, will not compromise. Such a person is total in everything he does, whether it is opposing a multi-million dollar organization or cleaning his bathroom.

This article was published with the kind permission of Sw. Dhyandev. You can read more about Sw Chaitanya Barti on Osho Dhyan Leela Foundation website.

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