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OSHO Virtual Press Office: English media in the Fire II

This is a press release from OSHO Virtual Press Office, sent by Sw. Dhyan Giten.

Complaint against The Observer filed with The Press Complaints Commission.
A "charlatan" or an Enlightened Master in the tradition of Jesus or Buddha?

A complaint has been filed today with The Press Complaints Commission against The Observer (UK) under the Code of Practice on the grounds of defamation and inaccuracy.

"I want to remind you that whether I am here or not the celebration has to continue. If I am not here, then it has to become more intense and it has to spread around the world. Celebration is my religion. Love is my message. Silence is my truth."

The editor for The Observer has earlier received a detailed complaint about the review The future was orange written by Geraldine Bedell and published in The Observer january 11, 2004.

In a response to the complaint Stephen Pritchard, reader´s editor of The Observer, says that all facts in the article are taken from the book and that complaints therefore should be directed to the author of the book. But The Observer has not consulted other sources or investigated if the presented facts are actually true, which is not good journalism.

This review makes an underlying connection between Osho and alleged crimes. Bedell writes: "allegations of fraud, masspoisonings, assassination attempts."

Contrary to rumours eagerly circulated in the media, Osho has not been charged for fraud. In fact, Osho has only pleaded guilty to two of thirty-four minor "immigrationviolations" with which he had been charged, so as to avoid further risks to his life in the hand of the American judical system. Osho acquiesced and entered an "Alfred plea", a plea peculiar to the US judical system, whereby he could accept the contention of guilt while at the same time maintain his innocence. He was fined four hundred dollars and ordered to leave the USA, not to return for five years. So this is simply defamation, which is quite serious.

Bedell also exclaims in the review: "despite her failure to recognize that Bhagwan´s message was claptrap" and "to promote the cause of a man who was a charlatan."

Below you will find three quotes from people, who have actually meet Osho and that maybe qualified to make a more initiated and balanced opinion than Bedell.

The first one is Bernhard Levin of the London Times, who has been described as the acerbic doyen of conservative social commentators and who came away from his 1980 visit "fascinated by my experience of the man ... and the people around him." Osho, he said, was "a remarkable teacher ... and an extraordinary magnet."

The second one is Ronald Conway, lecturer, author, Catholic, and senior consultant psychologist at a leading Australian hospital, who published a report of his visit to the ashram in 1980 in which he said, "To be within a few meters of him can create aremarkable effect. Whatsoever its source, Osho is a person of remarkable power and magnetism, palpable enough to be felt ... He made me feel that perhaps Jesus might have been like this."

The third one is Alan Atkinson, who said it in the Adelaide (Australian) Saturday Review on August 1, 1981, "Osho is clearly no ordinary man. He has been described as a great new spiritual seer, an Enlightened Master in the tradition of Jesus or Buddha, as the "crazy sage of Pune", as a present day, joyful, John the Baptist - and by detractors as the Antichrist, a madman, the most dangerous man in the world. For the past couple of years his presence and influence have intrigued psychologists, psychiatrists, churchmen, journalists and professional sceptics in the West."

The fourth one is Dalai Lama, who commented "Osho is an enlightened master, who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness."

"But maybe The Observer also suspects Dalai Lama to be a charlatan", says Swami Dhyan Giten, who has 19 years of experience in teaching awareness and meditation and is author of the book Song of Meditation - About Meditation, Relationships and Spiritual Creativity.

The Press Complaints Commission takes normally 40 days to handle a complaint.

Osho International in New York and Global Connections in Pune has received copies, but has not responded.

The gist of the complaint can be read under the topic Detailed complaint about the review The future was orange in The Observer on

Link to the review The future was orange in The Observer:,6903,1120206,00.html

Complaint to The Times

The Times has also received a complaint about their article "Lost boy in the commune" published january 19, 2004.

We are currently discussing this issue with Penny Wark, associate editor of The Times, who said in response to the complaint: "I note the points you make and await your further letter."

A public apology and correction is required in the same place in the paper as the article.

For further information: Swami Dhyan Giten, info (at),

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