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rs: 19th January - Let's Celebrate!

On 19th January we had three reasons to celebrate. No, normally we don't need at least three reasons for celebration, but this day is a special one, you know.
Osho has left his body 14 years ago, 7 years has passed since Nishkam has become Nishkam - sannyasin, 3 years has passed since entered the internet. Yahoo!

Nishkam, as you hear all these three occasions, which one pulls you the most?
7 years of being sannyasin.

What does it mean for you?
Sannyas for me is an intimate thing. I cannot say, what sannyas means for you or others, for me it is a way of life. Life with Osho, meditation, with ... it is difficult to say.

How it was with you 7 years ago and now. How can you see yourself?
It's a big difference, a huge difference ... enormous difference. All my sannyas is inside of me today. I am more rooted in myself and not so involved in group meditations and Osho camps. I am still excited when meeting sannyasins from over the world but in a different way. Before I was looking for Osho in other sannyasins, today I am looking for Osho inside of myself. And today I am more involved in other things than visiting medicamps once or several times in a month, e.g. in RebelliousSpirit project. But actually I decided to lead Osho medicamps twice a year. It is about the U-Laboratory project, so I am a little bit involved.

Tell us something about the U-Laboratory project. What it is about?
It has the subtitle - Osho meditation and an experiment. These are two things, which I enjoy to do during medicamps. I don't feel to be an Osho therapist but I like to do Osho meditations with people and I also like to do some experiments with people ... but not like experiments with rabbits, not like that ;-)) I mean experiment with energies and situations, which I see as being interesting in that particular moment. It is sometimes easier to do it in a group than doing it alone. A big part of it is a sharing. Last year we did a camp on a theme 'borders'. This year I am going to jump into a money issue. With 'borders' we had a lot of fun. I love those situation, when the idea of an experiment suddenly appears in that moment within the group process. It is about creativity and improvisation.

Why have you chosen money as an issue for the next camp?
It is a very important issue for me and for many people too, I think, especially in the Czech Republic. There is a lot of energy in this theme. Many different issues are connected with money, like being grounded in life, to know how to deal with this kind of energy, to be open, to be responsible, to get rid of many mental blocks and to clean the mind, to be receptive, flexible ... all these issues are somehow connected with money. This period I have been very busy with money. I explored that theme last few years very carefully and I have the feeling I would love to do some experiment also with a group of people.

It seems like we will finally become rich! Great! At last!

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