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Leela: Dead Man Walking

Dead Kennedys. Dead or Alive. Dead Can Dance. Some significant memories of the teenage-age of a man, lets call him Dead Man Walking (D.M.W.). Bitterly sweet time when a man is walking, not knowing anything, wants to know everything.

"Hey dude, look at yourself!", some screamy voice, belonging to Mr. Inner, interrupted the silence and a comfortable feeling of D.M.W's indiference. "What's up?", asked the D.M.W., who was actually not dead, but blind, his life was rather a mix of coincidences of unconscious steps.
"Haven't you found anything unusual about YOUR LIFE? Just a question, no mean to shock you."
"Life, what life? What the hell are you talking about?"
"Yeah, hell, but the the point is - life", in tremendous loud laughter replied Mr. Inner and dissapeared.
"No life... so that means... death?" Oh, shit.

dead man walking It was a long time ago, when D.M.W. was somehow very active. Blind but with enough luck to survive even in any more-or-less dangerous situations, very often with a death behind his tail. All the time he was escaping, snealing out, closing eyes before the death. But he was still alive, the life went on and on. No problem, a bit of ignorance will work. It worked.

Later D.M.W's activities calmed down to a minimum. No wonder. First came restlessness, then prety scqeezy state and something close to rezignation. He even got used to it, but behind that was a constant feeling of unhappiness. And sleepy mode. And passivity. System deactivated.
Mr. Inner offered: "Acceptance."
D.M.W. tried to be polite: "Sorry, what did you say? Are you kidding?" Well, at least some joke is landing from time to time. "Acceptance of that?"
Mr. Inner: "Acceptance of the fact that you are a dead, man!", and sweetheartly and gently like a primaballerina put the tape of Osho Bardo on D.M.W's desk. "Go on, baby," pronounced softly while leaving the room. ".....Aaaa by the way - have a good night!"
"Yoooouuu... grrrr .... You... grrrr .... Gentleman!"

If you know the Osho Bardo meditation, there is no need to describe it. If you haven't tried it yet, try.
Osho Bardo meditation with Veetman's guidence. Openess and trust accompany the path. Awareness, awareness, awareness. Love. Yes.

D.M.W. opened his eyes. After many years he tried to look and see. Again but differently. Still he is wearing couple of dioptries, but Osho Bardo signalized the beginning of re-opening. Not only eyes, also heart and memories from his life. Maybe that time when death was very often so near, it wanted to say him something important. To make him be more alert. To see.

Now D.M.W. is walking again. Actually he learns how to walk in pair - with death. Difficult. He is still avoiding to touch her hand. But the system was activated, rebooted and now is loading new stuff - with the responsibility and more awareness of what will appear on the screen.

Thank you Osho, thank you Veetman.

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