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Ma Mukto: Osho Channeling II

The mind is full of questions. The questions need energy.
Because we are so busy with them, it remains little energy to live.

In the Osho Channeling this technique first gives space to express these questions to existence, Osho.
By expressing we already step out of the problems.
The second step is to listen what is channeled, which is not an answer but a guidance.
Then there is the silence, the breathing together, love and harmony, everyone has his own perception of the universe.
Once the question is out, the support made available, the mind becomes quiet and we start to perceive other energies.
Light, colors, sounds, feelings.
It is beautifull.
Outside is raining, the light is gone and i'm writing by candlelight.

The rain is strong,
The sound of the water.
I'm here in silence

The light is gone,
Only the candle is burning.
One doesn't need even this
To look inside.



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