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Prapati: My Dream Coming True

Short interview with Prapati, young and beautiful lady living in the Czech Osho Shangri La MC. Or rather an illustration of Prapati's creativity in her pottery workshop, as questions and answers have been memorized by Nishkam while taking pictures and easy talking at the same place.

How are you, Prapati?
Sensitive, slow, waking up with sunshine in my face.

What does pottery mean for you? Work, hobby, business, creativity, meditation or anything else?
All of these. My dream coming true. It's fulfilling to let my creativity flow. Meditation comes through connecting head with my heart and hands feeling clay - earth. The business part a little behind now, challenging my child-like nature. I need patience and courage to bring my pottery out to the world.
I have also first nice experience of introducing work with clay to people.

How is it to be a partner of Osho meditation center leader?
How is it to be Leela's (anybody's) partner?

Who and what is Osho for you today?
Sometimes a beloved friend, other times I forget about him. Mostly, he is not so important for me as a person but energy. Creating Shangri La, where I live, was inspired by Osho. I feel grateful for this wonderful alive place surrounded by nature.

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Enough for today.

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