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Ma Mukto: Osho Channeling

What is channeling?
For what is good? It is true?

Ma Mukto: Osho Channeling

Osho Channeling
What is channeling?
For what is good? It is true?
Osho Channeling. I wanted to create a new kind of session, related to here & now.
Related to life and meditation.
There is an idea about channeling, mediums, which make me think
on dark and suspicious spaces, answers.
Osho Channeling is because we invite Him, to guide us and lighten us.
It is not possible, to answer a question, without going first out of the way, or out of the mind.
This demands a base of meditation. A person who doesn't meditate is not able to remain
in a state of no mind for long time.
Deeper the meditation, deeper the state of no-mind, more possibility of being available to the other, from the emptiness.
What I learned in all this years with Osho, what I experiment with channeling?
Maybe to trust, and that I don't trust enough.
The absence of trust I related to the absence, or presence, of mind.
In the space of emptiness, of trust, of meditation, suddenly the answers are there,
even to the not asked questions.
Just flowing energy in a form of words.
Ma Mukto So beautiful. No effort, no thinking.
Fullfilment coming from emptiness.
It feels right, one is on the path.
On the right path, moving, no moving.
Just perfect. A perfect flow!
With love ma mukto


Osho Channeling II


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