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n0by: Now my roots feel nourished

Glimpse of understanding of Osho/Bhagwan, well-founded with the 'taste of fascism', terrible sicknesses, sheltering instincts, exused ego, and love.

Dear Readers,

One more help Ramarshi gave me in the understanding of Osho/Bhagwan, who gave us the 'taste of fascism'. That taste I could not trust blindly.

Looking at the facts of the past, there is no doubt about, that criminal, sick minds had to pay for their crimes in jail. For years. Others died or suffer from terrible sickness. Cancer, tumor.

hitlerMa Anand Anupamo made a most valuable point. Osho/Bhagwan just followed the energy available with his people. There is no doubt about, that criminals have all energy of hate, until these criminals have killed themselves. These can easily be studied from the German Guru last century.

Osho/Bhagwan did not interfere in the hateful actions and tendency of the Rajneeshpuram criminals, because all interfering would have been manipulation.

Ma Anand Anupamo gave me a crystal clear glimpse, that Osho/Bhagwan/Rajneesh simply followed, what happened.

And what has to happen? These criminals in Rajneeshpuram destroy the commune, they destroyed Osho/Bhagwans health, life as well.

My instincts sheltered me, to be part of this. My EGO took the chance too, to leave trust for Osho/Bhagwan behind. My EGO must be excused, because my EGO is not ready to leave the genetical caring chain to my daughter and my own life behind.

Now my roots feel nourished again from Osho/Bhagwan/existence, from love. What feels love right now?
The heritage of the strong criminals is given to the next branch of criminals - who have been even more cunning to avoid jail. Now

Osho/Bhagwan was in the hands of more cunning criminals, who start to destroy, what was left in the ruins. The ruins of the commune in Rajneeshpuram.

A very fragile Master Osho/Bhagwan was left in the hands of those criminals, who have learned their lessons, the cunning smile, the educated language, the examina, the jet-set-outfit, the money-monkey-mask behaviour.

There cunning criminals start to steal CopyRights, start to steal the heritage of Osho/Bhagwan, start to destroy, what is left as last rest of sanity, of love, of understanding, of caring.

The EGOmaniac tendencies can do now everything, before Bhagwan/Osho is dead. The good will forces are not yet strong enough to go against this OLD world money power possession!

Some people feel together and give the support to each other. These people need to hold on to love. Hold on to love, to life stronger than these centuries of hate of destruction.

bin ladin dreams

Thank you dear CelticMoonDance, Ma anand Anupamo and Sw. Ramarshi!
Thank you dear Sw. Sarlo to give room for my truth - the only one I have ;-)

n0by in love

...and don't forget but forgive all the rest...

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