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Bhavani Roussel: Maitreya Meditation Centre. A Mystery School for Rapid Growth.

Every day is another invitation to let go.
Every moment the divine is waiting for you to trust.
When you start to live in trust, your ego loses its grip on you.
Beloveds, you are part of the whole already.
The more you trust, the more the whole takes care. What are you waiting for?

Maitreya's house As soon as I read Maitreya Ishwaras book, Unity - The Dawn of Conscious Civilization, I knew I had to go and sit in satsang with him. Never in my spiritual life have I resonated so strongly with everything that was written in a book.
Fortunately, I did not have to travel to India or Tibet since Maitreya lives near the idyllic Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand's South Island. A few weeks later I was on my way to one of the most powerful experience of my life.

During my first satsang meditation (Being in Truth) with Maitreya, I could have asked any question I wanted, but my mind stopped, my heart started to beat more quickly and, while looking at him, I disappeared into a blissful light.
I was home. This was my first taste of many deep and meaningful meditations with Maitreya.
I realised what a difference it makes to meditate with an egoless friend.

Maitreya is not called a master or guru, but an enlightened friend whose presence activates the deep silence, love and bliss that are our true nature.

Ceremony Before the morning and evening satsangs, we meet and dance, moving the energy and allowing the body to free itself from any blocks. The morning satsang meditation is in silence and, in the evening session, everyone is free to ask questions or share experiences. This is followed by silent meditation, sometimes with music and singing.

Maitreya encourages everyone to grow in awareness, to be a conscious lover of reality, of whatever life brings, and to verify all beliefs with direct experience.
During my frequent visits to the centre, I have seen many beginners and mature seekers blossoming, all gently supported by Maitreyas verbal and energetic support.
The centre has created a community of beautiful people who are committed to their spiritual growth, and to supporting guests to have an enjoyable and transformative stay.
I had the wonderful surprise of feeling completely at home with everyone living at the centre, and soon became part of a loving and conscious family. An additional bonus is the organic vegan wholefood, which is absolutely delicious and made me feel very healthy and alive.

There is an optional programme of other activities to complement the twice-daily satsangs. Guests are welcome to participate in dynamic and cathartic Osho meditations, dance, breathwork, emotional release, massage therapy, reiki initiation, and self-esteem enhancement sessions. Workshops are offered in areas ranging from Gestalt to psychodrama, dance, rebirthing, encounter, Tibetan Pulsing and the work of Byron Katie. Plus there are ten-day meditation intensives that start on the 1st and 15th of every month. Those wishing to come for a silent Vipassana meditation retreat are also fully supported

Waterfall The fragrant pine and native forest of the Wakamarina Valley, private swimming in a crystal-clear river and twenty acres of verdant land create an idyllic backdrop for the Maitreya Meditation Centre. I really enjoy being in such a beautiful and healing setting, which induces and invites me to go deep within.
In addition, there is free time for swimming, horse riding, sailing, sharing with fellow travellers, contemplation, or communing with nature.

Visitors have the choice to come as guest meditators or, at a reduced rate, as part-time workers. Many guests extend their stay and live at the centre for several months.
In this enlightened energy field, personal breakthroughs are an everyday event.
Love, Awareness, Playfulness, Trust, Oneness and Compassion are the key words of Maitreyas teaching.

I give thanks every day for having found this mystery school for rapid growth.

To find out more, please call Shiva on 0800 186489 (1UNITY)
visit the website,
Email: maitreyacentre (at)

Maitreya Meditation Centre
Charitable Trust
760-788 Wakamarina Rd
RD1 Havelock 7154
Marlborough NZ
Tel: +64 3 574 1234 Fax: +64 3 574 1232

Our mini-interview with Bhavani


Bhavani: Osho was Maitreya Ishwara's beloved and only master from 1975 to 1990, and for many lives... and I am married to one of the Samurais of Poona 1 Swami Anand Buddha who lives, breathes Osho every moment of his life :-)

RS: Are (were) you an Osho sannyasin?
Bhavani: Yes I am an Osho sannyasin.

RS: What is the difference between Osho Meditation Centre and Maitreya Meditation Centre for you?
Bhavani: Maitreya is alive, is available right now. Sitting with Maitreya gave me the strong boost to dive into deeper meditation. My husband Buddha (who goes regularly to Maitreya centre as well) heard Osho say many times: Seek a living master !!!

RS: Why are you interested in publishing your article on the website dedicated to Osho?
Bhavani: I am interested because Sannyasins are our family. I cannot explain this but my love for Osho even deepened and strenghtened since I sit with Maitreya. All our sannyasin friends who came to Maitreya's centre absolutely loved it, want to come back and really benefitted from it.

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