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Jalal: It's time for us to move out into the world and drop the past.

This article is taken from sannyas-list. Jalal was answering Anupamo's email.
It is not easy to go every day through 50-200 emails of the list. Many of them are just mind or emotional garbage, but you can find also insightful views and interesting info there. So, enjoy this one from the virtual yahoogroups community.

Jalal I was in the Commune (before it became a Resort) for about 16 years, I know most of the IC personally, so I have a personal connection to a lot of the stories that are going on. I have also known most of the Indian "coterie" for many years.

I left in 1994 because I realized that the direction the Commune/Resort was taking was not the direction that I needed to go. I left without any bad feeling, as you note, I had come to terms with what was happening and I felt that it was OK. But, I had to move on...

Allow me to make some comments on what you have written, and also on what is happening in general.

The IC, in my experience, has never been good at "communicating with sannyasins" in general. They have always done what they felt needed to be done and assumed that everyone would go along with it. This is not something new, that was the case in 1991 as much as it is now. Its not really dependent on who was in it. And generally, they will not take any notice of people who criticise or are negative about the direction that things are going in. This is why there is no hope that the folks on OBB will ever get a dialog going with the IC. They are just complaining and as such they will not get any energy. However, I have never had any problem with communicating with them (the IC members) myself, on a one to one level. Whether its Garimo or Amrito or Jayesh or whoever, if I take the time to sit and talk to them in an open and constructive manner, they have always had the time for it and are quite responsive. It all depends on the kind of energy one brings to the dialog.

In 1997, when I was last there, it was clear to me that some major changes had to happen. The place was barely running, sannyasins were coming for holidays and had little energy to keep the place going, that was the job for "someone else". It was the same for me, I was there for a holiday and helped out now and then. But it was clearly no way to run a Resort. I'm not in the least surprised that they have decided to employ people and sub contract out a lot of the work. I don't think there is any other option. The argument that 15 years before Osho had said the place was to be run by sannyasins and therefore that should apply for all time is disingenious at best, stupid at worst. Trying to set things in stone like this is the nucleus for a religion. See below for more.

What you are saying about "De-Oshoization" (now a word in our lexicon) is spot on. Amrito has always believed that Osho has to be removed from the equation, and I agree with him. When Osho left his body, I was 100% sure that within a few years a pseudo religion would have grown up around him and his work. It has always happened in the past, and human nature being what it is, I was sure it would happen again. And there is a great attempt, from Keerti and the Indian crowd, to create a religion with places of pilgrimage and Osho heritage parks and so on, hotly supported by a lot of old sannyasins who want to turn back the clock.
This is the normal way of things.

So, I'm quite surprised, and happy, to see that the Commune is moving away from the memory of Osho and focusing on his message, of meditation and consciousness, without the person of Osho being in the way. And still the place survives! I find this wonderful. And, at the same time, it is a great push, by removing the center, to make the whole world a buddhafield. Why just limit it to a few small acres in a polluted Indian city, when it can be all around the world?

Jalal So, I disagree with most of the people on OBB, whose main purpose is to put the "Osho" back, and recreate the Commune as it was. This is living in the past and is a thinly veiled attempt to create a religion around Osho. And if they succeed in recreating the Osho Commune Int., with all its memories and religiousness and "Osho said", then they will have truly succeeded in destroying Osho's vision in the process. In a far more permanent and damaging manner than the current IC could ever do.

I appreciate that you take the time to inform me of the little Pune theatre on OBB, although I am a subscriber to the list, so I do get to read it when I have the time.

But I just have a very different viewpoint to the members of that list. There is a lot of hypocrisy on the list, in the way that people deal with each other, that I find unpleasant sometimes, so I don't get involved very much. According to them, all the Indian coterie are stoned on bhang and all the IC are alcoholics, the IC are out to stuff there own pockets with money and so on. This demonization of people is usually a way of avoiding dealing with the real issues. We see a similar thing in the world today, with the way Bush demonizes Hussein as a justification for starting a war, rather than deal with the real issues that need dealing with. He's bad, so he needs to be done away with, there is no possibility for constructive dialog or a meeting. It is the same mind set of confrontation.

So, don't worry about the Commune or Resort or however you want to refer to it, it is doing perfectly well. It shouldn't become a crutch for sannyasins, its time for us to move out into the world and drop the past. Why remain attached to a few acres...?

Well, as the old man would say, enough for today, I have to go and cook dinner.

Love, jalal


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