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n: worldwide conflict - inside

Watch the scene: some are for the war. Some are against the war. Meanwhile war gets closer each day. More soldiers move to the killing fields. More men get ready to kill and to die.

For what?

People believe, politic-priests fight for power, money. Anything else?

Could it be the desire for love, attention?

People gather in groups. As long you belong to a group, you are welcome. Everybody pays the price: you have to share the values of the group.

Different group have different values. Deep down: everybody wants to be loved. People try a deal in groups: Give me your love, to get mine.

That works pretty well. As long one group respect another. Does the people inside the group respect each other? Does people respect themselves?

On the first level: no doubt about!

On a deeper level too? Questions come up. Doubt: what is worth the love of an other as deal for mine? What is worth my own love in reward to get love from an '''a**hole''' like the other is? Surely the other is an '''a**hole''', but when this '''a**hole''' smiles at me, this pays! Specially when this '''a**hole''' has more power than me!

Ok, with this mask of appreciation little kids learn to smile to Mom and Dad to get food, love and shelter.

Kids grow up. Young boys need to f*ck desperatly. Get a l*ve female in bed by lies. Sweet f*cking lies. Both pay the price. She pretends to give everything, he believes to get everything. Soon both get lost in quarrels. When a baby is born, the divorce is costly. People play on smiling.

Deep down people are boiling. Under a smiling mask a hateful heart wants to take revenge. All these humiliations! All these false pretending love! All this sympathy in a group of '''a**holes''', devil, is this life? How long can people stand this pain?

The new car, the new house, the new holiday resort, even the new f*cking friend - everything is so boring after a while. The new attractions are like the old attractions. All attractions are prices for false smiles. Prostitutes pretend love. Hateful lies disguised as sweet flatteries. And these idiot bought the sh*t like licking dogs! Hahahaha! What a joy! Really?

Doubts like acid start to feed on life! Your life, my life, everyone's life! What to do?

Are there no real people around? A real challenging truth? Ok, let's climb some mountain, let dive deep in the sea, let's do Bungee-Jumpings, let's flie around the world, Europe in 10 days, Amrica by 5 Bucks a day - oh, what a wounderful world! Really? What is the price?

What's about some satsang special enlightenment entertainments? Is this not fun? Swami Beyondanda? Get up laughing! Hahahaha, what a medicine! Positive thinking! What a order! Get enlightened by a finger snip now! Hahahaha! The price is not even high. Hahahaha. What a joke, and how lucky all these little people look around! Hahahaha! And we hug, and love, deeper, feel more and better. Yes, acceptance, love is around. Whit shining light is seen, didn't you realize? No, you didn't? Come on! Look closer now! hahahaha. What a joke. Really?

Doubt aboubt.

Now, scratching the head, the bored head, the roling mind inside: what's about a little war? Yes, that could be exciting! Look this guy with the strange beard in this group. He tries to get our love, our precious attention with a letter like this! Can we tolerate this? What will he write next?

The basics of our sweet sharing: LOVE! Can't you get it? S*cking b*llshit! Slowly really anger comes up! Such nasty behaviour - here in our sweet cult congregation in a closed customers club of citiziens of costly censorshipt cute cuddly cosy christians! Not even this belief is the basics anymore! We simply are lovers. Yeah! Of ourselves first. How else to get love, Mom? How else to get the key for your car, Dad? How else to get the extra bonus for my good job done? How else to get your eyes fixed on these lines now? Love you! Yes, you understand the mechanics to deal for love! Welcome, my dear. My dear reader.

OOPS, I did it again. What a nasty smell these sweeties left behind. This guys suffers deeply from a lack of communication! There the end of communication starts and censorship begins!

Ok, people? Get ready! Get ready for war!

Ahhhh! Finally the real thing! Now let's enjoy war! We are the choosen few! We have the stronger arguments and army too. Hahahaha. That's the real think! The Germans have failed last century. This century we do better. We are simply the best. We are the Champions. Of the whole wide world! This world belongs to us! The Army of Lovers! The choosen few. God's own people!

No arguments any more. Is this a debating club only? War, means love, needs action! Only action gets satisfaction. Full of energy. Spring ahead. Now lets get enlightened! And make war! Make war, we have enough of love! Your love!


That has been the last time! Did you get it? Next time we shoot back! No words - but bullets! Hallejuah, Amen, Hosiannah, Inch'Allah, God's Kingdom has come! By bible b*llshitter bullets. Bow down! Indian way, lick, lick. Bow Down! German way! Sweat Hail! Hallejuah! Enough prayers one weekend?

2003 with my girlfriend Ma Veet Mimansa in our kitchen

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