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Samvado Gunnar Kossatz: The Experimental Tarot

nishkam: picture was changed
Date: Oct 25, 2002, 19:14
Sam sent us a new picture. I also think the new one is better.

anand taza: hi everybody there 222
Date: Dec 30, 2002, 22:29
I am doing my best in Brazil to stand it all, and be aloof of big stresses and troubles. I do music and tarot therapy, I love it. My CDs are going well, as to say, and I am the producer of all eight CDs I basically have. All by demand.

Who is there, could you contact me if you wish!...
Love, Anand Taza.- Brazil-Germany

veet manu: experimental tarot
Date: Sep 6, 2004, 6:51
just snatched this deck off eBay and then discovered this part of the site while researching it. hi, osho lovers!

Date: Oct 12, 2005, 14:26
hello Gunner,
my book ORMUS THE MISSING LINK SEXUAL ANDROGYNY was not edited reason:In the first chapter there is a cryptic message about the gift of immortality by 2012 , you have to read between the lines and have a Universal Consciousness......Crysta l Skull consciousness...ORMUS in this case is produced by a higher energy source Sun/Sirius energy linked to the 52 crystal skulls and 4 major your tarots and they will verify this truth......The electro magnetic pole shift is changing -hence catastrophic EARTHLY DEVASTATION....THE WORDS IN THE BOOK ARE NOT SPELLING MISTAKES BUT IF YOU PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER IT GIVES A "UNIVERSAL MESSAGE"...CRYPTIC
If you are not part of the Universal Consciousness by 2012 you will be left behind
I need you to rewrite your review about my book and make it positive......I need to reach more people with the truth more a Tarot experiment on the name of my will be surprised..the light of truth will shine through
in the light Dr Dominic


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