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4 mini-interviews on sannyas conditioning: the last round by Ma Nishta

Date: Dec 11, 2001, 1:40
The authenticicity happens by itself and stars that shine do shower.
I play flute I am disciple of Hariprasad
I played concert to indian people lots of saturday night was osho's birthday i originally went to swiss cottage to play at osho birthday celebration but sanyassins wouldn't let me in because i wouldn't pay and say I would "pay by playing" but they said " we don't know you you can't come in "
racist and fascist uptight english people never shift i guess I am brown skinned mother is finnish father nigerian .....Never reaLLY did get ont with english narrow mind set.Anway went next door to a coffee house community centre sat down started playing,after heard indian film music coming from room next door,and i discovered a bengali folk evening.they asked me to play I did and everyone was really loving it and have been invited to play at thier next programme.I am grateful to osho to get my ball rolling and keep me away from the english sanyassins.Indians love my flute playin am playing more gigs soon was great to play for Osho and the whole existence like this and the way that osho plays his tricks like this and I am really blissed out to be able to accurately play rags and to be appreciated by fussy oldaccomplished indian musicians what a gift it is being with Hariprasad and osho{thankyou veda and priya in new york} love and hugs to you see you in Pune in feb look for one or two rottweilers {big black dogs}and big beautifull brown swami with flute.Have been living and loving tonight have new brown girlfreind like me

    amano: RE:
    Date: Mar 7, 2005, 12:41
    what a mindf...k I was having ....funny to see the mind chatter after a few just goes on...the flute plays sometimes...and the ideas of racists blah blah got let go of...somewhere along the way....I just dropped the whole stress game of being something or someone...why bother? i just chill the best I can...

Agar: Surprize
Date: Feb 10, 2002, 22:33
Beloved Nishta,
Many years NO SEE!!!
How are you doing and where are you??? I was surprized to see your face on the internet, as I have lost track of you long time ago. Would you like to write me few words??? IŽd love to hear how are you doing.

    avalon: RE:Surprize
    WWW: everybody's looking for her
    Date: Jun 15, 2007, 1:01
    Greetings, somebody, anybody, please let me know if you find her. there's a million euro reward waiting for anybody who can find her.

      Nishkam: RE:Surprize
      Date: Jun 15, 2007, 15:31
      6 years passed after this article. I wrote Nishta an email and hope her address was not changed since that time. Let's wait for the reply. If she will reply, Avalon, you can pay a mil eur by writing a good article - your Osho story. It is very welcomed. A mil euro Osho story ;) Of course you can share it anyway even if Nishta did changed the email address or will not reply :-/

      Nishta: RE:Surprize
      Date: Jun 15, 2007, 19:30
      Okay I am - found alive and well. How about you?

      The million euro baby, Nishta


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