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Swami Atmo Ravi: Osho Meditation Camp near Saint-Petersburg

Last year I visited the Osho International Meditation Resort. I stayed only 10 days but managed to make some new friends and to hook up with a lot of people from my glorious past. Two of the people I had not seen for 10 years were rebalancers Ramana and Tarika from Moscow who run the web site. We had a blast sharing all the things we lived through in the last years and Ramana asked me why I was not coming to the Osho Camp.

Atmo Ravi playing at Osho camp Then it turned out that the Camp has a history of 12 years! Anyone who is interested in living together in the forest and practice Osho meditations can join the caravan-serai - one can stay a day or a whole month.

And I thought that it is an interesting way to come together...

Last  summer it did not work, but it did work this July!
I planned to spend 10 days in the camp and managed to get there in the middle of July.

To get there one needs to reach Saint-Petersburg by any means of transportation and then take a local train from Finlyandskii Trainstation. It takes 2 hours to get to Petyaarvi. From the station it takes about 30 minutes walking through the forest. There, amongst ancient pines, there's the camp's base - the kitchen with open fire cooking, the meditation tent and a dozen of participants' tents.

The day starts with Dynamic Meditation at 7, followed by a class - either yoga or belly dance or stretching, etc. - depending on which facilitator is available at the moment .

Breakfast is at 10. At 11, the whole camp gets together and the daily schedule is discussed - including the meditation or exercise of the day, who helps in the kitchen, plans for the evening meditation/entertainment. It also serves as a sharing space at times.

At 12, the meditation of the day takes place. Sometimes, one hour before lunch at 3 p.m., there's a family constellation.

Kundalini is at 5 p.m. Evening Satsang with a Master (sometimes it includes 20 minutes of an Osho discourse) at 7 p.m.

Dinner is at 9 p.m. After that, there's an evening meditation like Gourishankar or some sort of entertainment - disco or singing songs.

People camp anywhere they like around the base and some of them choose to prepare their own food on their own camp fires.

Every few days there's a "forest sauna" - i loved that one! It is a tent with an attached oven that we heat with the wood we cut from fallen trees. What a joy to be part of the sauna crew!

In my 10 days being there I had a whole lot of bliss attacks - tears of gratitude just kept coming. I felt inspired by the sweetness of togetherness and being with fellow Osho-people and wrote a new song.
We even had an impromptu Sannyas Celebration!

As far as numbers go, there's a large core group of people who stay for the whole month of the camp - that's about 30 people.

Then, there are always a few people who join for a week or so. And the weekenders - sometimes all in all there are 150 people doing Kundalini under the forest sky on Sunday!

Being in so much joy from doing the meditations and sharing space with sannyasins I could not help but make plans for next year's camp - I would love to arrange for a few more musicians to come and for better equipment so that we could have live music for the evening meditations and celebrations!

The other thing that I would love to add is the international flavor - I think the camp could become a joyful experience of living together not only for Russians but also for Europeans and other Westerners. It is SO great to live in a tent in a clean forest by a beautiful river with other meditators!

Come join us next year! (If you have any questions - just send me an eMail) - my photos from this year's camp


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