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rs: goes wiki is a well-known website, which is going through a big change now. It is being converted into a wiki allowing everybody to become an author and easily create new pages. The old big database of sannyasins will no longer be updated. Everything is moving to the wiki. This prompted us to ask Rudra for a small interview.

Rudra rs: Hi, Rudra! We are curious about Please introduce yourself to our readers first. Where are you now physically? And how is your life going?

Rudra: is located in Western Australia and has been going for more than 10 years now. In that time it has grown too big to be manageable by just one person. So the Wiki is the perfect vehicle to hand the whole thing over to the public. What happens from here on is out of my hands.

The nice thing about a wiki is that it's open ended. There are tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of sannyasins worldwide and a wiki can accommodate them quite easily.

Myself? i have no idea. I'm still a big kid that hasn't grown up. So i'll probably have to come back for a few more lifetimes ... we'll see ;)

What is the story of the project? Why did you decide to create it?

Rudra: The last time i sat with Osho he said to me "go and help my people" - "hmmm, nice one Osho ;)" I thought at the time. I spent a few years running Rebirthing groups and sessions. But after eight years of doing that it was time to do something else... had a Zorba the Buddha disco for a few years... then computers... internet... The rest, as they say, is history.

rs: You've started the WIKI part of the I think it is a great idea! Do you think wiki is easy enough for people, who are not programmers?

Rudra: Yes and no. If you're happy with having a relatively simple page layout, wikis are easier to lay out than ordinary webpages. But to have a page with all the bells and whistles you still need to read to many instructions. The folks from WikiMedia are working on integrating a WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor, but that is still a few months away.

My suggestion is to just go for it and play around with the wiki. You really can't break anything :)

rs: Do you have any other plans with

Rudra: God no. The wiki is more than enough. It can become a platform for all sorts of things. Just have a look what they did with!

rs: Our traditional question: What is the meaning of "rebellious spirit" for you?

Rudra: "If it works, break it!"


If you do not have your page yet, create it right now: just go to or directly to the wiki part and follow instructions there.


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