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Thailand: Message from Osho Paramdham Meditation Center

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Ma Puja Sutra: RE:Message from Osho Paramdham Meditation Center
Date: Mar 28, 2008, 13:55
Dear Friends,

me, Sutra, and the Staff of Osho Paramdham Meditation Center, wants to thank you, once more, for your solidarity given to us, by publishing my SOS, in which I had asked economical support for our almost destroyed Center, by an unusual monsoon, here, in Samui – Thailand (at the end of last year).

Our gratitude, includes also those, who had contributed to keep the Osho Center alive.

As soon some help had arrived, some restructuring works had been done, immediately, but not all. The protection works against the next monsoon, for instance.

That's why, now, instead of going on asking for help through your pages, we want to try to get this missing money by ourselves.

So, we propose a very important group, called "The Art of Living and Dying" held by Sw. Prem Veetman.

This Group is very well known in the sannyas world, so I have not to spend many words about it.

I suppose, that for spiritual seekers, it is enough to read its short description below, to understand, immediately, that it is an unique experience, not to be missed.


"Just looking into your space, what is hidden in you. From where comes this life? From where comes this consciousness? As you go deeper within yourself, you will find the center and not only of yourself. It will be the center of the whole existence. At the center we meet, only in the periphery we are separate. We are separate only in our bodies, in our mind, but, beyond body and mind we are just an ocean of consciousness.
There is not "I am", there is simply pure awareness with no distinction, no divisions"

July 31, 2008 "Death; Mystery, Reality, Illusion" (last 5 days) with Veetman and Sukhi Masshoefer. The Institute for Living and Dying ( presents a 5-day intensive seminar on the spiritual care of the dying, at the Osho Paramdham M.C. In Koh Samui – Thailand.

We are all touched by death and will experience some time or other the deeply transforming process that death brings.
This seminar shows us ways to meet this experience with an expanded consciousness and to grow through it in our life now. Looking at death, from the point of view of what it teaches us about life, will transform the quality and vision of our life.

He is Osho's disciple since 1978. He is the Director of the Institute for Living and Dying. He worked all over the world with processes concerning death and dying; transformation and meditation.
He created the meditation "BARDO"

Let me just add, that because of the necessity, we are available to do this group in a promotional way.

That means, it's possible, for the participants of the mentioned group, to enjoy free time to spend on the beach or with a relaxing massage - as a spiritual work vacation on a beautiful tropical island (including food and a place to sleep) - at a much cheaper price compared to the Western ones.

For more information, please, contact our Center at the following telephone numbers, e-mail and site address:

(0066) 077 447105, (0066) 087 8864905, (0066) 084 4417818

Reception time: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.




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