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Thailand: Message from Osho Paramdham Meditation Center

We've got a message from Ma Puja Sutra and Ma Prem Sarani, who lead the Osho Paramdham Meditation Center inThailand. They ask to publish their SOS for economical support for their center, heavily demaged by a strong monsoon. Here it is

The Osho Paramdham M. C., which was nearly finished in all its details, to give the best comfort to people, had been devastated by this unusual intensity of monsoons, which are not finished yet, as the
weather predictions say. More will come after the present break. Right now we have passed only half of this period.

We, are not surrendering to it, because we believe that it is extremely important, that an Osho Center exists in as many places as possible.

Being economically alone, we are providing for the damages by ourselves – but only partially – if you look at what was destroyed and damaged. Actually we have not enough founds to afford all the
increased expenses, which are getting heavier day after day: reparations, protections, drainage, excavations, building materials, new equipment to replace the destroyed one, etc.. Indeed, a great part of our island is under water.

The Center's property has been very much affected, even though slowly, slowly it was merging again from water which was transforming it in a huge swimming pool, but… we don't know for how long… We have to provide in time!

It was said in the Thai TV that in Koh Samui some enlarged rivers are pouring down the mountain – together with washed out pieces of it and also carrying all kind of other things.

The trees are falling too, like skittles. The ground doesn't absorb the water anymore. The electricity pillars are unstable. The rivers were overflowed. The schools and the airports were closed. Even some
people died. Also the Chaweng’s lake was overflowing and people had to go out from their houses.
We are in an extreme discomfort because of this calamity and the particular position of the Center's land: under the level of the road and the property of the neighbourhood.

So we'd like to ask you, to give solidarity to the Osho Center, by an economical support, in the way that it can continue to exist in Thailand. Especially now, as it started to be known and have a certain
interest of people, already! But now we are obliged to refuse them, because of the critical condition of the Center. This involves – beyond the regret of denying, what people are searching for – that we are loosing some income, which could support Osho's vision to spread out.

If you love the Master and care that His reference point continues to exist in Thailand, as well as in the most of the countries, please contribute, as your heart suggests!

Thanking you in advance for what you feel right to do for the Osho Paramdham M.C., we are waiting for your kind reply.

With gratitude and Love.

Ma Puja Sutra and Ma Prem Sarani. Use the email for a contact.

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