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Omkar: Echoes of Love

From the moment, we received from Omkar an email announcing that Maxi CD Echoes of Love has been released, he managed to produce a new gentle and lovely song "Mitram" with his friend and singer Divakar, song "Divine Painting", which experiments with lounge, classic and rock and combines electronic instruments with orchestral elements like strings and oboe and now is already working on new independent music release for an American label. Three months has passed, does it say anything about time relativity?

Definitely :) Thanks to all the people who are staying at the beginning of this wonderful creation - bringing music to the world. And now to Omkar and his Maxi CD.

Echoes of Love
The CD contains three songs and are aligned to Indian themes and coloration.

The first song is called "Echoes of Love (World Edition 2007)" and goes back to the similar named single track. The World Edition 2007 comes with modified harmonies and enhanced percussive elements. The World Edition refers at the most to traditional Indian instruments like sitar and Indian flute playing the soli parts and percussions like tablas. Completed with modern instruments like drums, jazz bass and a bunch of synths and pads.

Listen to an excerpt of A song for the heart

(Please understand that free tracks are commonly unmastered, means not produced with industrial audio standard on mind. The free tracks are intended to provide audience, music lovers with a taste, a feeling of what kind of music to expect from omkarmusic.)

The second song is called "Echoes of Love (Smooth Edition 2007)" and is re-arranged into a Smooth Jazz song. So with the instrumentation: Surrounded by piano, brushed drums, jazz bass, strings and accompanied by alto saxophone the soprano sax plays straight forward the main theme.

Listen to an excerpt of A song for a glas of wine and relaxation

The third song is called "Kumbha Mela" and is build upon rudimental phrases of the free song "Joomla". Because "Joomla" could have the meaning "come together" I associated it to a big festivity in India, a mela, where people come together from all over India, called Kumbha Mela.

Listen to an excerpt of A lightweighted up tempi song to describe joy and festivity.

The traditional background of Kumbha Mela
"A Mela is simply a festival. But the tradition and meaning of Mela is ancient. Indian civilisation can be dated back to 10,000 BC, using dates for astronomical events (Pleiades at winter solstice) described in the earliest Vedas or sacred scriptures. These also mark the origin of the pilgrimmage festival, or Mela. The oldest Mela, the Khumba Mela, is held once every 12 years at the junction of the three sacred rivers (Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati) and attended by more than 40 million people.
Kumbha Mela derives its name from the immortal “Pot of Nectar” described in the Puranas. Kumbha in Sanskrit means “pot or pitcher’ so 'Kumbha Mela' literally means 'festival of the pot' in this case a pot of nectar of immortality."

A modern artistic interpretation of Kumbha Mela
"Mela - for creative work in the fields of music, the visual arts, and other media; to explore the applications of advanced technologies to artistic expression; and to present major contemporary works and extended duration art installations that eliminate the boundaries between artistic disciplines."

Omkar' words:
...I`d like to say, very simply: I invite you to listen.
I do not write music for mere relaxation
or for mere dancing,
but for the very pleasure of listening.

I have the feeling we have unlearned this...this simple and pure listening.
Just as you listen to a bird in the morning...for a moment...
you may want to sit down, close the eyes, and just listen.
In the same way, I may have something to give to you.


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