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Pan: Sowing the Seeds of Fire

There is only one spirituality and only one sacredness, and that is total aliveness. The fire of total aliveness is the fire of love. This fire is able to burn the mindcontrol, the only barrier preventing the individual from connecting and becoming one with the beyond.

Pan BuddhaHill Comune Mindcontrol is the result of being punished, in whatsoever way, for being "too much alive" as a child. That way the mind was conditioned and identified itself with the control.
The consequence is, that mind fears totality, fears unlimited aliveness. All the cultures down the ages are based on this: "Be controlled and dead while you are alive. Then you are accepted." Alive people are not wanted. They are too intelligent, they are questioning, they are not fearful, and therefor cannot be manipulated. All societies and all religions want to have zombies, dead and dull, stupid and frustrated, easy to scare, to manipulate, to lead and to dominate. Any total alive being is a danger to the dead masses, the aliveness is disturbing the peace of the cemetery where most of the people live, or pretend that they are alive.

Totality always goes beyond the controlling mind and opens the door to higher consciousness, but totality is only possible with a non-repressed aliveness.
A true mystic is always a wild fire, an uncontrolled fire of love and consciousness, sowing the seeds of fire. So be aware of these dead and cool saints, Satsang teachers, spiritual leaders etc..., they are representing the "good" old mindcontrol in a new spiritual dress, sowing the cold seeds of unaliveness. Then the danger is, that you die before you have lived.
If you want to live before you die, get connected with an alive, wild spiritual fire, with the fire of a rebellious enlightenment, come close and start burning yourself with utter aliveness.

Pan became a Sannyasin in 1975 and is now the initiator of the BuddhaHill creation. This is an excerpt from the latest booklet "Sowing the seeds of fire" which will be published in the coming weeks.
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