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Leela: Devakant knows the way into the silence of your heart

Couple of days ago there was a very special evening in Prague. Evening filled with songs of love and gratitude, harmony and full presence, bringing you into the silence of your heart. Devakant mentioned this sacred way as a motto of his wonderful concert and for many listeners, as far as they shared with me, it perfectly worked.

Devakant How to write about music, when music is being played for listening, for perceiving, and more, when it is played for the silence of heart? Being happy in the vast silence is just enough. Well, this precious moments created from colourful tones and "playful" music could bring you a bit of atmosphere from there, and it is really worth sharing.

At the very beginning, there was a silence. Before first tones came, a whirring mind could have pulled your arm asking unimportant questions, e.g. how the concert will be, why is so much noise from behind the doors, is there enough light etc. You know answers, you know, you don't need to answer, but still finding the inner peace and calmness is not so easy. Fortunatelly, only till the first tones.

When eyes can hear and ears can see

Devakant introduced and shared with us music rooted in ancient India, Tibet and Japan. Old Asian roots were juxtaposed to contemporary world sounds in some parts. Freshness of the mountains and birds' wings were changing for warmth, calmness and deep relaxation. Awarness expanding and eyes opening songs. Joyfull, heartful tones. Yes, you could easily recognize Osho within them.

"Gone beyond, gone completely beyond, what a great awakening." Devakant brought us these words from Heart Sutra, Guatama Buddha, to underline them by sounds from Tibetian bowls, bamboo flutes and accompanying druming. In another Japanese song we got an inspiration in words "With one sound find your essence." Thank you for that, this is my great tool to remember, re-recognize and re-live my own spirit.

"Everybody has a sacred spirit inside" - words in Latin were carrying a message of world peace. Devakant continued further with words of a Tibetian song "Inside is forever, inside is the real home, in tune in the heart of Lotus. O mani padme hum."

Devakant is a master musician and master of the moment. My senses often noticed just a clear remaining tone, clear presence, "hollow bamboo" on a stage. The singer, the musician was not there. His songs were born from meditation.

I thank all people, whos work come up from meditation. In fact, this is not their "work", it is their blossom, share of their essence. They give the world beauty which is of immense value. At least for me :)

Thank you Devakant, Thank you Music.

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