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Devakrishna: What a Joke!

devakrishna: RE:What a Joke!
Date: Mar 1, 2005, 8:53
A small correction:
it is not 300 words X page but X website, where one can change (different topics) everyday or when one want's it.

    nishkam: RE:RE:What a Joke!
    Date: Mar 1, 2005, 18:57
    I would like to know what is that rule about 300 words from and where I can find some official document describing this limitation.

    The copyright pages at were changed several times. For me it is very strict lawyer document
    - ight.cfm
    - ight3.cfm
    prohibiting almost everything, even to put the link to at your site.
    "It is strictly prohibited to link other sites with this site without OIF's prior written permission."

    Do they mean it seriously? What good is that? :-/

      devakrishna: to nishkam
      Date: Mar 2, 2005, 17:08
      I have no Idea .... I also just read the osho copy and it does not say a thing with te 300 words

      all i know i been told is 300 words per website and one can link endlesly

      for the rest i really don't know
      never been interested as long i don't get hasseled

      I feel they just try to do a good job with the selling .... 6 millions books in 2004 is a lot of books, i think they are professionals and act according to te laws of society wich i don't have a clue myself.

      just finished cutting down the lectures on my site ..... what a job!!!!
      from the series Never Again!
      At the same time i took the time to also tweeked here and there a bit more, now u can surf with trance techno on it (radio stream)

      i think that's it for me, I don't have any time for this shit but at the same time i have to cover my ass and as long i am attached to the place where i helped to build over the years with sweat and blood i will surrender (it's just about some osho words )

      I just trust Osho that they doing a good job
      and as I said before everytime i go to the resort i am blowed away by the beauty and the light energy of the place and untill it last i want to use it.

      I am just glad i am not in theyr shoes and have to deal with all these practicals

      I think at the end of the day it is just about practicals

      love to u nishkam


devakrishna: 99% Old sannyas?
Date: Mar 1, 2005, 9:25
Sorry, I missfrased
It's only some old sannyas friends of mine always have negativity about it and i got tired
So 99% is only of my circle of friends
and for sure some more

    Truth: Compassion and stupidity
    Date: Mar 1, 2005, 13:01
    The concept that Osho┬┤s words are now in the hands of the same people that helped murder him is quite an revolting thought.

    The large publishing companies is almost solely American and the managements of these companies are conservative and republican and the American Republic Party, where the organization that helped in killing Osho.

    The compassion of Osho is only outweighed by the stupidity of his disciples.

Michael: RE:What a Joke!
Date: Mar 15, 2005, 22:58

Look at what SRF did to Yogananda.

So Big America will do it to Osho.

Maybe then One should consider Realizing Enlightenment instead of Depending?

No doubt they will edit, and screw with his books. I have already found tapes with subliminal messages.

What are you going to DOOO about it?

Change something outside? Good luck then!!

Atmo Manish: RE:What a Joke!
Date: Mar 16, 2005, 6:58
Is it appropriate to compromise the quality for the shake of quantity. I believe Devakrishna's words that 6 million copies of OSHO books were sold in 2004. What is it worth compromising OSHO's message. I would want to know if there are any measures in the contracts so that the big publishing houses can not edit the OSHO's message. Or else who know's, may be after 10 years, we see republican conservative thoughts being published in the name of OSHO and after a few generations, the OSHO's message is completely lost.

Enough with these serious thought's. OSHO is laughing at me for being so serious.


Amit Malhotra: RE:What a Joke!
Date: Apr 21, 2005, 7:51
This copyright thing also makes me furious and as acharya said that we are allowed to use all technology to spread his work and words, I have decided to break DVD security shit and going to provide his discourses on DVD, VCD, and mp3 format out from my site. Let take me to the court, but they have to trace me first. ;-) and I think I know enough to hide my self in the maze of IP addresses. This copyright stuff would not matter if every sanyasi use peer-to-peer software and share his discourses with millions of other users without getting traced back and paying a dime. If some one wants to know how exactly it is done, they can drop me an email. All of these money and fame greedy cock suckers will know that they have choosen the wrong mystic of India to make money.

Silentmoon: RE:What a Joke!
Date: May 6, 2005, 8:41
Devakrishna, Have you any idea what is going on at OshoWorld, you would not have come up with such narrow minded and stupid conclusion of yours. But you seem to be in a hurry, not to see the things as they are, all you could see was just one mistake which was rectified in the very next issue without your help as such.

Silentmoon: RE:What a Joke!
Date: May 6, 2005, 8:58
As a regular reader of Oshoworld Mag. I know that dynamic meditation change was just a mistake and not done intentionally, as it was rectified in the very next issue.


    Devakrishna: RE:RE:What a Joke!
    Date: May 27, 2005, 15:28
    nothing against oshoworld, i know them all and are my friends, sorry, I was just reporting what happened to me about copyright issiues

    devakris hna

Haha: Lies and more lies
Date: Jun 3, 2005, 15:26
Anyone with more than a passing experience of Osho knows the facts and figures put out by the Ashram have little connection to reality.

We used to claim we had 250,000 followers, when we had a few thousand.

I see an article claiming all kinds of nonesense.

15 years ago you could walk into most UK or US bookshops and browse a couple of Osho books, now that is almost impossible.

That says everything I need to know about the alcoholic currently running the show.

Swa: RE:What a Joke!
Date: Jul 6, 2005, 23:27
The Master is death, the church is born.
And church is business.
That's all about money...
Osho, wherever he is, must laughing laugh.
What a Joke!

    Devakrishna: RE:RE:What a Joke!
    Date: Nov 21, 2005, 13:45
    Swarupa, about ur trip about money, here is what i wrote to Sangeet at

    hi Sangeet, no, I was called in and told that what I wrote, the only thing I missunderstood was the 300 words allowance per page, It is actually 'per website', for the rest I tryed to write it clearly and simple.

    If all that I been told was true ... I don't know.
    I felt the person honest while he was speaking to me, but still I don't know if all true.

    What pushed me to upload that infos was a personal pain in my heart seeing this enormous separation between all my friends and the Resort.
    Altrough I ended it with 'WHAT A JOKE'.
    I was trying to turn it as a Joke, maybe because I did and the habit to do comics ... you know ....

    But in reality it hurt me experiencing the resort so beautifull, with so many new people, with more people meditating in the big meditation hall than when Osho was in his body, and everything just exuisite ..... and at the same time meeting all the older sannyasing my friends bitter at the situation.

    The 2 things did not make any sense to me.
    And all these fights.

    My article was mybe a try to get everybody antagonistic to mybe have a deeper look in the situation.
    Or mybe to find out more what exactly is the case by going to talk to the people running the place.

    The place is big.
    It needs to be run.
    I am not the tipe to such work.
    Are you?
    Are the one who are angry at it?

    I guess uncnsciously I was tryng to get the opposite parties together and talk.

    I guess unconsciously I wanted to see all my friends cruising again up and down the Resort with big smiles on theyr faces, girls cheking the boys ... boys checking the girls ....
    Like it used to be.

    I guess I am past oriented.

    I guess I am attached to all the beautifull friends I loved over the years and want to see them again in time to time, and the easy would be in Pune.

    Or, as I been told, I was mybe trying to "SAVE" the old sannyas.

    As for me all the copyright issues is mumbo-jambo.
    All I care is what practically works to keep the place going and make it more beautifull.

    And to do that one needs money.
    So why many have a trip about it?
    That the place is now a Church and is only business?

    Such bullshit!

    My argument is to all who are negative about.
    and if the answer is yes:

    devakrishna: RE:RE:What a Joke!
    Date: Dec 20, 2005, 22:28
    (few months later ..... )

    sounds that was the end of the argument

    devak rishna

Paritosh Upavas: RE:What a Joke!
Date: Feb 16, 2006, 2:13
You forgot to mention that OSHO's books have been edited for content and falsified. So have the lectures. It is not possible to watch a full lecture anymore. That was to be expected. And quite frankly, if these guys would ever sue me, there is nothing there, no money whatsoever...

mandeep: messanger of beloved osho
Date: Oct 27, 2006, 10:57
hai h r u
this one of the greatest joke to writte anything about joke.
just stop to write to any buddy joke any one first joke ourself..

name of MANDEEP is the one of the joke.
WRITTE like this is another joke.
THINK like this is biggest joke

HA HA HA HA HA HA....................... ......................... ......................... ......................... ...................
to beloved


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