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Simon Tzu: Osho Meditation Resort

I have had a long connection with Osho. My mother took Sannyas from Osho in 1972 while 6 months pregnant with me. I was therefore one of the first (if not actually the first) children born to one of Osho's disciples. I have grown up in the presence of Osho's books and picture and in 1985 I took sannyas myself while in Rajneeshpuram in Oregon. My sannyas name is Swami Prem Pranshu.

Osho Meditation Resort

The pain of the ending of "The Ranch" and having to return to a very conservative school in South Africa caused me to reject Osho for a number of years until I reconnected with him in 1998 shortly after I started spiritual practise in earnest. The reconnection was incredible - I dreamt of him swimming in the Ocean and inviting me in. In October last year I again felt a shift in our relationship during a swim in the ocean in Portugal - and when I returned to London my mala (beaded mala witha picture of osho hanging from it) has disappeared from my bag. So although I no longer feel like a disciple and Osho is no longer my Master I do love him deeply and think his spiritual contribution was immense and will eventually be recognised as on a par with that of Jesus and Buddha.

Like these religious it seems as though a lot of the salt and spirit is being drained from what is left behind by those who have come after. This is simply the way of things. Visiting the center has left me feeling a combination of sad and rebellious while in the past arriving here filled me with joy. I had a long wander around today and it felt soulless. I will articulate some reasons but primarily what I noticed was the feeling inside which was along the lines of "Its pretty but my heart and spirit are unmoved".

Some of the things I noticed....

Osho Meditation Resort - The workers. Indian men and women in their street clothes cleaning and sweeping. This kind of work used to be done by sannyasins. The energy of those working for a wage will necessarily be different from the energy that was previously bought to the work. The workers are also the invisible people - the maroon clad visitors barely seem to notice the workers and there is a real sense of separation between the groups.

- The new Buddha hall. This was built by contractors and the point above applies. I had a peek in the door but felt no desire to go in and explore (maybe tomorrow). I found myself being drawn downward to the lower levels where pushing open a door I discovered a car park filled with bikes.

- The visitors to the resort. Seem in my friend Chetna's words too "Try-hard". Wether its walking around with a carefully cultivated air of spiritual seriousness or sitting in lotus posture by the swimmingpool.

- The vibe. Where did all the juicy crazyones go? There is little smiling or laughter and I have not heard a "Fucking hell!" since I have been here (I'm used to sannyasins swearing dammit!).

So things have certainly changed a lot. In the words of Ommar Khayyam...

The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on
and all thy piety and wit, cannot cancel half a line of it
nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

This is such a pity not because it was Osho's legacy or any such bullshit but rather that this used to be a meeting place for a lot of amazing people. Osho's major contribution to spirituality was bringing a playfulness to religiousness and there is no longer any one center where these Zorbalike Buddhas (or is that Buddhalike Zorbas) can gather.

I have a feeling though that something will in the not too distant future appear and many of those now involved in other work will assemble again.

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