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Osho Meditation Camp near Saint-Petersburg

Swami Atmo Ravi: Osho Meditation Camp near Saint-Petersburg

Last year I visited the Osho International Meditation Resort. I stayed only 10 days but managed to make some new friends and to hook up with a lot of people from my glorious past. Two of the people I had not seen for 10 years were rebalancers Ramana and Tarika from Moscow who run the web site. We had a blast sharing all the things we lived through in the last years and Ramana asked me why I was not coming to the Osho Camp. goes wiki

rs: goes wiki is a well-known website, which is going through a big change now. It is being converted into a wiki allowing everybody to become an author and easily create new pages. The old big database of sannyasins will no longer be updated. Everything is moving to the wiki. This prompted us to ask Rudra for a small interview.

Thailand: Message from Osho Paramdham Meditation Center

We've got a message from Ma Puja Sutra and Ma Prem Sarani, who lead the Osho Paramdham Meditation Center inThailand. They ask to publish their SOS for economical support for their center, heavily demaged by a strong monsoon. Here it is

Echoes of Love

Omkar: Echoes of Love

From the moment, we received from Omkar an email announcing that Maxi CD Echoes of Love has been released, he managed to produce a new gentle and lovely song "Mitram" with his friend and singer Divakar, song "Divine Painting", which experiments with lounge, classic and rock and combines electronic instruments with orchestral elements like strings and oboe and now is already working on new independent music release for an American label. Three months has passed, does it say anything about time relativity?

Making the film Concert For India

Chinmaya Dunster: Making the film Concert For India's Environment

This film was made entirely budget-free. Everyone involved in both the concert and the film project gave their time and skills without payment. It is also available for free. It is an expression of love and gratitude for our planet, the natural world and it’s denizens, both human and animal.

mySamasati - The Challenge of Awareness in Everyday Life

Nando: mySamasati - The Challenge of Awareness in Everyday Life

About a year ago, it was in the winter sometime, I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I suddenly realized that I'd "forgotten" again! In itself, that's not a big deal. I forget things all the time. But I had made another silent promise to myself to remember to be aware two or three weeks before. And somehow forgot it almost immediately. Again!!!

The Flowering of Sannyas

Anurag Shantam: The Flowering of Sannyas

Recently, in one of the sannyas group chat rooms, someone asked a very simple question: Had anyone become enlightened doing Dynamic Meditation? The silence was deafening...

Sowing the Seeds of Fire

Pan: Sowing the Seeds of Fire

There is only one spirituality and only one sacredness, and that is total aliveness. The fire of total aliveness is the fire of love. This fire is able to burn the mindcontrol, the only barrier preventing the individual from connecting and becoming one with the beyond.

Devakant knows the way into the silence of your heart

Leela: Devakant knows the way into the silence of your heart

Couple of days ago there was a very special evening in Prague. Evening filled with songs of love and gratitude, harmony and full presence, bringing you into the silence of your heart. Devakant mentioned this sacred way as a motto of his wonderful concert and for many listeners, as far as they shared with me, it perfectly worked.

The Empty Boat and Other Adventures (Osho in Malaysia)

Ma Dhyan Darshan: The Empty Boat and Other Adventures (Osho in Malaysia)

�The Empty Boat Going Nowhere�, an OSHO Meditation event, with Swami Bodhi Anveshi and Ma Dhyan Tara, brought together 27 people from various parts of Malaysia and Singapore.

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