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2 days program starts Jun 20, 2015. Price is Euro 280,- Often it is difficult to see and experience yourself as lovable, beautiful and intelligent. You learn from very early on, as a little child, that there are many things to be improved upon. For your partner 10% reduction. With Primal Rebirth Euro 100,-

21 days program starts Oct 26, 2015. Painful things happen to nearly all of us early in life that get imprinted in all our systems which carry the memory forward making our lives miserable. We have found a way into those early emotional archives and have learned to have access to those memor

4 days program starts Sep 30, 2020. Four days to take an intense look at the nature of chakras and related issues like body and sexuality, sensitivity and intimacy, personal power, creativity and, most important, the capacity to love. Neither indulging, nor suppressing Tantra says yes to wh

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