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30 days program starts Oct 7, 2018. Price is 1500USD Join our course to get an in-depth idea of yoga under guidance from a valuable teaching faculty including those of traditional Indian yogic lineage, nevertheless with modern sensibilities.

12 days program starts Feb 4, 2018. Osho with his profound understanding of the conditioned mind, reframed what had been an egocentric piece of work transforming it into this process in what he called the A.F.H., a form of deep work to free people from any source of conditioning, be it from

27 days program starts Mar 19, 2018. Kerala Ayurveda Massage Course Training, Goa, INDIA Aithein Ayurveda School / College conduct Ayurveda Massage Course Training Programs in Goa, India (authentic professional Kerala Ayurveda Massage Training course). Ayurveda Massage Training course

17 days program starts Feb 26, 2018. Aithein Healing (a premier Massage School in Goa, India) is a massage & bodywork school that teaches various healing massage courses, based on essential bodywork principles. The Aithein Healing Massage was developed in 2005 at the Aithein Healing Massa

4 days program starts Sep 30, 2020. Four days to take an intense look at the nature of chakras and related issues like body and sexuality, sensitivity and intimacy, personal power, creativity and, most important, the capacity to love. Neither indulging, nor suppressing Tantra says yes to wh