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Osho meditation event

Aithein Healing Massage Course Training, Goa, Kerala, India with Gagori Mitra

Aithein Healing (a premier Massage School in Goa, India) is a massage & bodywork school that teaches various healing massage courses, based on essential bodywork principles.

The Aithein Healing Massage was developed in 2005 at the Aithein Healing Massa

17 days, starting February 26, 2018
Aithein Healing - Ayurveda Massage Course Goa India
India, Go, Aithein, Agonda Beach, South Goa,

Contact: Nikhil Gupta, email: aitheinhealing@gmail.com
Telephone: +91.982.323.4142
Language: English

About Aithein Healing - Ayurveda Massage Course Goa India: www.aitheinhealing.com
Kerala Ayurveda Massage Course Training, Goa, INDIA Aithein Ayurveda School / College conduct Ayurveda Massage Course Training Programs in Goa, India (authentic professional Kerala Ayurveda Massage Training course). Our Ayurveda Massage Training cours

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