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Self-Enquiry Intensive

Self-Enquiry Intensivewith Rakendra
The self-enquiry intensive is a structured and partly silent, residential retreat. This makes it an intense process. Participants, who truly put all at stake, can, in just three days, have a profound experience of ?who they are’. And this experience can be life transforming.
Rakendra lives in Chiang-Mai, Thailand, from where he travels worldwide to share his passion for self-enquiry processes. ?For many years, I have been a passionate seeker of awareness and individuality, for a true connection with myself and for true contact with others.
Spirituality and personal growth work have played an important part in my life since my teenage years.
I feel lucky and profoundly blessed to be on a journey toward living my true nature, and I am grateful to those who have helped along the way. It is my passion for self-enquiry that I want to share with others when offering Self-Enquiry processes.?

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3 days, starting March 7, 2013
Osho Leela
UK, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE

Contact: , email: info@osholeela.co.uk
Telephone: 0845 6125511
Language: English
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About Osho Leela: www.osholeela.co.uk
Osho Leela is one of the UK's leading personal growth centres. Well known for its festivals, parties and celebrations, it is run by a vibrant community in a beautiful house in the heart of the Dorset countryside.

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