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Osho meditation event

OSHO No-Mind with OSHO Multiversity

An OSHO meditative therapy where we use gibberish to empty the mind of all garbage, allowing a great silence to arise from within.

7 days, starting March 3, 2012
Osho Multiversity
India, Osho International, Pune MS 411 001, 17 Koreagon park

Contact: Multiversity@osho.net, email: Multiversity@osho.net
Telephone: +91 (20) 401 9999
Language: English
Translation: any language

About Osho Multiversity: www.osho.org
The largest center in the world for meditation and personal growth.It encompasses all the current western therapy approaches,the healing arts of East and West,esoteric sciences,creative arts,centering and martial arts,tantra, zen,sufism and Meditative The

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