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ebay auction: Osho Times Feb. 1, 1990: "I Leave You My

Posted by garimo, email:, 5 Jan 2010, Tuesday, 10:02 GMT

ebay auction notice for copies of the February 1, 1990 edition of the Osho Times International Newspaper. Titled "I LEAVE YOU MY DREAM". Contains many black&white and color images of Osho on the last day his body was in Buddha Hall, and the returning of his ashes to the commune. These newspapers have been tucked away, are in very good condition except for the slight yellowing and aging of the paper. Total of eight copies, This auction is for only one copy.

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Needed help for Swami Atmo Jayakumar

Posted by Madhu Kaleeckal, email:, 24 Dec 2009, Thursday, 3:25 GMT
Web page:

Swami Atmo Jayakumar needed urgent help from Osho Commune. Now he is in EVANS DETENTION CENTRE, ELIZABATH, NEWJERSY - 07201

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Posted by meera, email:, 5 Dec 2009, Saturday, 2:05 GMT

are you looking for the Meditaion chairs, Meditation cushions, or aurvedic massage matteress for yourself or your meditation center..
write us..

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Mystic Rose Corf?? (Greece )11/31 July 2010

Posted by Jagran, email:, 27 Nov 2009, Friday, 4:12 GMT
Web page:

I am happy to meet you and be together through this meditation Osho has created for us. I experienced this process in depth and it changed my life by filling it with enthusiasm and awareness. The first time I did the MR I found myself in a silence so full of life, which is difficult to find words to explain. I observed the effects of this cleansing of the soul many months after. And I understood why Osho said... [continue...]

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Training in Ayurveda Massages

Posted by rasovai, email:, 27 Nov 2009, Friday, 2:30 GMT
Web page:

Starting this 7th decmber in the beautiful space of Rasovai in Morjim in Goa, trainings in Ayur Balance massage and Abhyanga massage with shirodhara.
For details visit our site

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Posted by Swami Deva Raj, email:, 22 Nov 2009, Sunday, 4:15 GMT
Web page:

download the mystic Oshoyoi from , if you like...

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Posted by shraddha, email:, 5 Nov 2009, Thursday, 3:56 GMT

I want to join you in online site. please help me how i jont u.

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Looking for Medical Transcription Work from USA.

Posted by Nirav Sumukh, email:, 30 Oct 2009, Friday, 5:24 GMT

We are a group of 5 people of 5 plus years experience looking for medical transcription work from a Clinic from USA. Any Doctors from USA intrested to provide medical transcription work to be done here to this indian sannyasin can please mail me.
Nirav Sumukh.

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Chicago : October Meditation

Posted by Atmo Jayakumar, email:, 9 Oct 2009, Friday, 2:53 GMT

Beloved friends,
Hello dear ones. In the awareness of the beautiful, burgeoning fall colors, as the temperature chills and we seek our people, animals, comfort foods and belongings, Osho Chicago brings you another enriching event amidst loving community.
Come and join Osho Chicago this month for a weekend of meditation and celebration with our special guest Swami Satya Vedant on October 31 through ... [continue...]

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Looking for french sannyasins

Posted by Fr?İd?İric, email:, 4 Oct 2009, Sunday, 1:47 GMT

Going in meditation, is a very great experience, but I feeling sad that I cannot share my feeling, my questions, my experience with other seekers. So that's why I have choosen to write here. I'm french so if I can also find french people, It would be very great. My idea is just a sharing experience of the great path of seeker with Osho as Master and Meditation as golden key.
With all my love.

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Do you know your original face?

Posted by Advait benjamin, email:, 26 Sep 2009, Saturday, 6:09 GMT
Web page:

"ZEN PEOPLE SAY find out your face, the face you had before you were born; FIND OUT THAT FACE THAT YOU WILL AGAIN HAVE WHEN YOU ARE DEAD. Between birth and death, whatsoever you think is your face is accidental. You have seen it in a mirror, you have not felt it from the within. You have looked for it in the without. Do you know your original face?" Osho
http;// /Katha

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Osho Samui

Posted by advaitbenjamin, email:, 26 Sep 2009, Saturday, 2:44 GMT
Web page:

come to visit us on Samui
Katha & Advait

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Osho Thailand

Posted by Advait benjamin, email:, 26 Sep 2009, Saturday, 2:09 GMT
Web page: http://http:/

Come and visit us on Samui
Advait & Katha

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Chicago: Meditation for September

Posted by Atmo Jayakumar, email:, 24 Sep 2009, Thursday, 1:42 GMT

Beloved friends,
Kudos and gratitude to all who joined together for our fall retreat with Milarepa and his One Sky Band. Our Osho Chicago community came together in celebration and fluid cooperation to create a blissful transformational, musical, meditative journey for all. If you missed this powerful event, no worries, Mila and the band will be back next year.
September's Monthly Meditation[continue...]

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Your Private Guru

Posted by Sw Atmo Dyhan, email:, 22 Sep 2009, Tuesday, 3:18 GMT
Web page:

love peace and maturity

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Accomodation in Pune, India

Posted by Dhyan Shanto, email:, 13 Sep 2009, Sunday, 5:34 GMT
Web page:

Hello Friends,
Please check my website for accommodation. if you travelling to OSHO INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION RESORT.
Thanks and love to all,

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Nijanada in Italy

Posted by Sw Atmo Jayakumar, email:, 11 Sep 2009, Friday, 8:02 GMT
Web page:

Beloved friends,
Swami Nijananda from Osho Atmatha will be arriving in Rome on 15th September 2009. He will be travelling through out Italy to meet the Osho Sannyasins and Communes there.
Anyone interested can contact to:
with immense love,
Atmo Jayakumar

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Osho Movement for Democratic Change

Posted by Harri Om, email:, 7 Sep 2009, Monday, 1:43 GMT
Web page:

Participate in an on-line poll: do you want to elect an Inner-Circle?
A second poll allows you to choose from a list of potential candidates - you can view the results online.

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Osho lover

Posted by Anshuman, email:, 2 Sep 2009, Wednesday, 7:11 GMT

Hi osho lover
We are starting OSHO Meditation Center in Mumbai near Nalasopara. Center name (Osho Dhyan Yog Meditation Center) our small contribute in osho center. Are you interred then you contribute our center. You contribution Osho book Hindi & English. Osho Discourses CD Hindi & English. If you any help as your like.
(Osho Group)
Contact- Osho Dhyan Yog Meditation Cent... [continue...]

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Posted by Arun P Rajasingh, email:, 30 Aug 2009, Sunday, 9:41 GMT
Web page:

I feel that arguing about what is right and what is wrong and discussing about the being of Osho is waste of time.....
Clock is ticking.... what are we going to do..... just forget about the people who commercialize spirituality which is the essence of humane being....
I know there were 5000 people who lived with Osho in Oregon, USA.... My question is why even 1 of them were not able to continue the... [continue...]

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