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osho cocom commune - sharing osho... spreading osho

Posted by swami, 15 Dec 2010, Wednesday, 8:32 GMT
Web page:

announcing a new celebration
� with the blessings of our beloved master osho �
osho co-owned commune
we have acquired 45 acres forest land with river
in south goa india
to create an oasis of love
for meditation and inner science of transformation
we are creating zen gardens and waterfalls
for silence stillness and meditativeness
and offering... [continue...]

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Osho Meditation Camp

Posted by yog Nityanand, email:, 19 Nov 2010, Friday, 10:41 GMT

Sw Anand Arun is visiting Meditation Centres and Communes in Biratnagar, Itahari & Dharan. Meditation Camp & Satsang are organized during these dates.
12 Dec 2010, Osho Dharma Pradeep Dhyan Ashram, Birtanagar
From 7:00 PM
Contact: Sw Krishna Samarpan, Ph No: 021-526585
13 Dec 2010, Osho Dharma Pradeep Dhyan Ashram, Biratnagar
From 7-11 AM
Contact: Sw Krishna Samarpan, Ph... [continue...]

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look for opportunity to work/volontire in Osho ashram India

Posted by Irina, email:, 8 Nov 2010, Monday, 8:51 GMT

I would like to stay for a while in Osho ashram in Puna. Due to high costs of stay - I am looking for other options. Any info about work in ashram or near by is welcome. I lived in Osho ashram community in Israel and I ptactice Osho meditations for several years now.
thanks in advance for any help/advise.

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Workshops in Ayurvedic massages

Posted by rasovai, email:, 16 Oct 2010, Saturday, 4:56 GMT
Web page:

Rasovai isituated in warm beautiful coastal Goa( India) is offering trainings in the popular Ayurveda Yoga massage, Ayur Balance Massage and Abhyanga Massage with Shirodhara in this winter from November till march each training every month. For details, dates and prices visit the site or mail us.

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Spiritual Teacher

Posted by Greg Kuder, email:, 17 Sep 2010, Friday, 4:26 GMT

The spiritual teaching started for the Osho Second Step of Meditation (effortless awareness) Greg Kuder (Amano Shantam), an Osho New Beginning, details at

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Posted by subhasis koley, email:, 14 Sep 2010, Tuesday, 6:07 GMT
Web page:

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Flat for rent

Posted by Tanu, email:, 18 Aug 2010, Wednesday, 6:56 GMT

I am going to Pune for 3 months and would like to sub-let my one-bedroom flat in Nottingham, UK. Looking for a single, respectful person.

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New book on Osho

Posted by P.T. Mistlberger, email:, 14 Aug 2010, Saturday, 3:46 GMT

A new book, titled THE THREE DANGEROUS MAGI, examining the lives and teachings of three of the 20th century's most radical teachers, Osho, Gurdjieff, and Crowley, will be published by O-Books in early December. The book is chiefly a study of the inner science of transformation, not sensationalist schlock. Web page for the book, complete with some endorsements, can be seen here: [continue...]

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Posted by sw anand TAZA, email:, 14 Aug 2010, Saturday, 12:05 GMT
Web page:

I'm selling my paintings ZEN
I'm selling my paintings ZEN
It's very good,
It's understood,
It's very good indeed...!!
I'm selling my paintings ZEN
I'm selling my paintings ZEN
Not yellow, not green,
Not aqua marine,
I'm selling my paintings ZEN
I'm selling my paintings ZEN.
*sing to the tune of Walt Disney tune WE ARE PAINTING THE ROSES RED from A... [continue...]

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selling my cd works

Posted by sw. anand TAZA, email:, 13 Aug 2010, Friday, 11:53 GMT
Web page:

I am distributing and publishing my work on CDs, music CDs.
Meditation for the Inner Child
Goddess of Night
The Reiki Concert
Deep Meditation, Music for NLP
(singing ones)
Singing Stories
Reverencia pela Vida
(Reverence for Life)
Mantras for Ever (Amarelo Sol - Yellow Sun)
They can be do... [continue...]

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40 day osho meditation intensive

Posted by Manish, email:, 7 Aug 2010, Saturday, 8:36 GMT
Web page:

a feast of
music, dance and devotion
love, laughter and celebration
silence, prayer and meditation
in the close proximity of
swami chaitanya bharti
fourth 40 day osho meditation intensive
from december 11, 2010 to january 19, 2011
at osho devlok, srirangapatna, karnataka, india
beloved friends,
we, all friends at osho devlok , feel immense joy informing you ... [continue...]

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Posted by SW. SHUNYO, email:, 28 Jul 2010, Wednesday, 3:36 GMT
Web page:

Download the 3 Heart of Creativityâ„? Meditations - Self-Acceptance, Gratitude and Conscious Breathing to...
* Inspire Creativity
* Facilitate Life Changes
* Allow Loving Relationships
* Energize & Cleanse Your Body

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Serene Studio on Big Island, Hawaii

Posted by Nishta, email:, 19 Jul 2010, Monday, 5:40 GMT

Big Island Holiday Retreat
Puna, Hawaii (near Hilo)
Quiet, light, private space in gorgeous tropical setting with full kitchenette and luxurious bath fully furnished--just pick up some groceries! Close to natural "hot ponds�, lava flow and ocean. $50 per day - $300 weekly includes ongoing Osho meditations.
Photos and more info:
Nishta 808-965-0999 or

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Osho Rebalancing Training

Posted by Shunyam, email:, 8 Jul 2010, Thursday, 5:14 GMT
Web page:

Next winter is the 30th Anniversary of the Osho Rebalancing Training and after some year of rest, at the Multiversity of Poona, will happen again a full Training from the 10th February 2011 till 16th March.
See the Multiversity website:

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Soul Sword

Posted by Kitabu Roshi, email:, 7 Jun 2010, Monday, 8:10 GMT
Web page:

Thanks for the mention of my book, Soul Sword:The Way and Mind of a Zen Warrior. My correct or new wevbsite is

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Welcome! Osho Friends It is Council of Internal Engineering.

Posted by Suresh Kumar Sharma, email:, 22 May 2010, Saturday, 8:02 GMT
Web page:

Please follow link, it is Invitation to Osho Friends, the change makers, across the globe.

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Posted by Prakash, email:, 20 Apr 2010, Tuesday, 8:27 GMT

I have a Huge Treasure of Oshos works
which i would like to share / Barter /
61 Hindi Discourse Mp3 DVDS
75 English Discourse Mp3 DVDS
28 English Video CDS
600 English Video DVDs
700 mediatation Music tracks of osho
260 english ebooks
120 hindi ebooks
kindly mail me for further details

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Meditative Sailing Cruising

Posted by Jagran, email:, 19 Apr 2010, Monday, 6:46 GMT
Web page:

LIVE THE OCEAN AS MEDITATION GREECE: 13/20 June, 20/27 June, 27 June 3 July
The Ocean, its Waves, its Depth
The Human being, His being Zorba, His being Buddha
The human being is almost water, the planet earth is almost water… from the water life arises, that’s why Live the Ocean as Meditation make you very alive… the water is our origin, as we learn to become friends with the Ocean withou... [continue...]

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Osho Movie

Posted by Atmo Jayakumar, email:, 19 Apr 2010, Monday, 12:24 GMT
Web page:

Italian film director Antonino Lakshen Sucameli, an Osho disciple himself, is in talks with the production companies in both India and abroad as well as senior Indian actors to resume work on Osho: The Film, which was conceptualised more than five years ago. read

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Posted by Gyan Almira, email:, 18 Apr 2010, Sunday, 12:10 GMT

I have traveled more than 20 years without much stops. 11 months sailing from Thailand to Hawaii ... I am currently in Florida USA. I need to leave the country on June 6. Looking for a place to work as a Raw Food Chef and Pilates Teacher with the right to food, home and a reasonable income. After traveling for a long time need to make money. Open for negotiation ...
Gyan Almira (30 years with Osho, I lived in Pune India for 15 years)

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