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Sarlo's retardies

Posted by n0by, email:, 15 Aug 2003, Friday, 8:39 GMT
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Dear Readers,

none of these letters in the group of Sarlo's retardies does not need any comment! Blessed all retardies to entertain with faszinating mind creativity! Thank you all for your excellent demonstration to enjoy people in world wide web! When the cult coterie collapses then their shall be cure.
Promised Prophecy!


with love

an alternative:

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Ayurvedic massage training in Switzerland..Aug 15th

Posted by Subuddha & Sangeeta, email:, 11 Aug 2003, Monday, 1:31 GMT

Last chance to book for this unique 10 day event..starts August 15th.....for details visit

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arillas corfu greece :: avesh birthday

Posted by devakrishna, 10 Aug 2003, Sunday, 9:35 GMT
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cool pics of friends (if u know them)


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land fall art center

Posted by devakrishna, 10 Aug 2003, Sunday, 9:31 GMT
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2 sannyas at venice doing art out of garbage as an ecological statement

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Posted by Pramod, email:, 10 Aug 2003, Sunday, 4:55 GMT
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a boxed set with 144pp book and 53 meditation cards is a new beautiful Osho meditation / gift package.

This boxed set of cards and book will be featured in bookshops in the USA and Canada beginning mid-October. (Barnes & Noble ).

An international edition will be available from GATEWAY by Gill & Macmillan around the same time.[continue...]

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Enemy? The Enemy? Where is the enemy?

Posted by n0by, email:, 5 Aug 2003, Tuesday, 9:15 GMT
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----- Original Message -----
From: living_kabir
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 7:33 PM
Subject: [n0by] Re: Neo-Nazi, Neo-Sannyas, Neo-NonDuality

I'm on your side!
Where is the Kalashnikov keyboard?
Aaah, here it is!
And where is the enemy?<... [continue...]

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SpitShituality (TM)

Posted by n0by, email:, 1 Aug 2003, Friday, 9:16 GMT
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Date: Fri Aug 1, 2003 6:29 am
Subject: Neo-Nazi, Neo-Sannyas, Neo-NonDuality

When war gets closer, Ego grows bigger. The biggest EGO presents the LEADER. The individual unconscious gathers in the collective unconscious, to create the chosen unconscious: The leader represents this chosen unconscious.


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