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New Online Shop

Posted by Parivartan, email:, 21 Sep 2013, Saturday, 2:12 GMT
Web page:

We opened a new online shop for Meditation, Decoration, and Jewelry. For now only in German, English Translation will follow. We ship inside the EU.

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Music from the world of Osho

Posted by Papillon Mystique, email:, 23 Jun 2013, Sunday, 11:31 GMT
Web page:

Papillon Mystique is just now completing their first two mystic folk albums ~ The House of Nirvana ~ & ~ The House of Samsara. Both are available from their website and can be fully listened to for free shortly. Mystical folk music of the heart, spirit and the beyond. Mystic God Dieux sings beautiful intimate lyrics accompanied by the intricate intimate guitar creations of Swami Prahlad Vedan. Do listen and enjoy if you get a chance. The music is a meditation really.

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Osho Audio App(Android)

Posted by akshay, email:, 1 Jun 2013, Saturday, 9:28 GMT

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Posted by Swami Harichaitnya, email:, 13 Apr 2013, Saturday, 10:25 GMT

Osho Books and books on other Spiritual Masters

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Aithein Ayurveda Massage School

Posted by Gagori Mitra, email:, 6 Apr 2013, Saturday, 3:24 GMT
Web page:

Aithein Ayurveda Massage School is an ayurveda school that teaches the authentic principles and practices of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient science of life. Aithein ayurveda massage school provides authentic kerala ayurveda education in a safe and conducive and extrenely supportive environment. We encourage the integration of Ayurveda by individuals into their daily living.
Aithein conducts profession... [continue...]

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Ayurveda Massage Course Goa India

Posted by Gagori Mitra, email:, 6 Apr 2013, Saturday, 3:21 GMT
Web page:

Kerala Ayurveda Massage Training Course Goa India - Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma Training Course
Aithein Ayurveda School / College organises Ayurvedic Massage Training Course Programs in GOA, INDIA (30 days authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Massage Training course) Our Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma Massage Training courses are prepared by highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Traditional A... [continue...]

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You can have it all!

Posted by Mridu, email:, 18 Feb 2013, Monday, 3:31 GMT
Web page:

Watch it with the speakers ON! It's full of joy!

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Osho Meditation

Posted by Yuvaraj, email:, 6 Jan 2013, Sunday, 3:01 GMT

I am a osho sannyasin coming from south india. Practicing osho's meditations for last 3 years. Living in Preston. Would like to spend time with osho friends.

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need accommodation in pune

Posted by harith, email:, 24 Dec 2012, Monday, 12:41 GMT

Need a place to stay for two near koregon park with a view to the river for a week from Jan 10th

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Osho Comic Book

Posted by Devakrishna, email:, 7 Dec 2012, Friday, 12:08 GMT
Web page:

Hallo, Osho Comic The Mystic Rose and the magic of the Empty Chair of 80 color pages is available in different
format at
Enjoy, Devakrishna

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Posted by paritosh, email:, 5 Dec 2012, Wednesday, 12:47 GMT
Web page:

One of osho lover now live in dalhousie himachal india,he wana to work with nosho lovers,now I am doing job in hotel,please come and stay himachal and call me you all

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missing wholeness

Posted by swami Shantiprem (France), email:, 21 Oct 2012, Sunday, 11:52 GMT
Web page:

Beloved friends, I need your sweet help to get in touch with Ma Prem Bhajan, who worked in the Soap department in the early 80's.
Warm regards and all my love. Shantiprem.

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OSHO Audio / Video Complete collection

Posted by Prakash, email:, 18 Oct 2012, Thursday, 11:15 GMT

Osho Osho
I have huge treasure of Osho DVD.
I have
Osho English Video DVD --------------------- 1700 DVD
Osho English Audio Mp3 DVD ------------------- 75 DVD
OshoEnglish video DVD various Subjects - 165 DVD
Osho Hindi Mp3 Audio Complete set - --------- 61 DVD
Osho Hindi Video --- 24 VCDS
Osho Mediation Music... [continue...]

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Beautiful Rural Seaside Sanyas House Share

Posted by Kovida, email:, 12 Sep 2012, Wednesday, 9:18 GMT

Country thatch character Cottage with 2.5 acres, gardens, veggie plot. In picturesque, artistic Lyme Regis Dorset. Peaceful private green idyllic location a few minutes from Lyme Bay. Loving Sanyas community in town with regular weekly meditations. 3 bed, 2 reception, new kitchen, Aga.
Meditative Creative Veggie nonsmokers called to share this beautiful space T 07709676949. rent aprox 330.00 per month plus share of bills.

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osho commune

Posted by ramesh ranka, email:, 16 Aug 2012, Thursday, 7:36 GMT

well i am in osho since 5 years .
i am now semi retired and intend to set up a beautiful commune in india in lush green natural place.
need suggesstion and help.

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Posted by DR.SHAMALA, email:, 24 Jul 2012, Tuesday, 1:57 GMT
Web page:

RELATIONSHIP STRES... [continue...]

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Posted by swami anand taza (s.h.lemke), email:, 10 Jul 2012, Tuesday, 7:09 GMT
Web page:

I am looking forward to hear from you whomever can be near BARRA BONITA, JA?, BOTUCATU, BAUR?, S??O MANUEL, DOIS CORREGOS or something near by these.
This is the central s??o paulo state, and I love Osho and meditations..., dedicate to reiki and tarot therapy and I Ching Therapy.
I record CDs for meditation and therapeutic effects, and I love singing.
Sw Dhyan Purnam states that the best ener... [continue...]

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Books for sale

Posted by Dhyan, email:, 27 Jun 2012, Wednesday, 4:54 GMT
Web page:

Visit my add on gumtree click on the www
As postage is not available this add is for people in Queensland or northern New South Wales

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Land for sale in Osho PANKAJ commune Brazil

Posted by Prem Adhiraj, email:, 14 Jun 2012, Thursday, 10:15 GMT
Web page:

There are still 2 plots of LAND FOR SALE in the community:
Beautifull > Rivers, waterfalls, rich flora & fauna, forest and fertile soil.
Good investment value
(The motif to sell the land is to raise funds to finish building the Osho Guest-house)
> For more information ..
contact: Prem Adhiraj: Skype: nickadhiraj
E-mail: [continue...]

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looking for Anupam

Posted by Sharon, email:, 12 Jun 2012, Tuesday, 11:20 GMT

Would love to locate Anupam ( about 61 years old ) from NSW Australia has daughter called Leith about ( 44 years old ) i know you love Osho so hoping someone reads this and knows where you are Love always Arunima ( sharon heath) email me or find me on facebook xxxxxxxx

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