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Clouds of Dreams

Posted by Ma Sona, email:, 18 Feb 2009, Wednesday, 1:24 GMT
Web page:

�Clouds of Dreams� the first book written by Swami Atmo Jayakumar will be released at a public function at Paravoor Merchant Association Hall, in the Coastal Town Paravoor, Kollam on February 19, 2009 at 11 am.
The book will be released by Sri. C.V. Padmarajan
Ex-minister for Finance in Kerala and it will be received by Sri T.G. Rajendran I.A.S. Ex-Revenue Board Secretary in Kerala and Sri ... [continue...]

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FREE osho videos, discourses, books, meditations & music

Posted by Swami oo7, email:, 15 Feb 2009, Sunday, 4:42 GMT
Web page: http:///

Come share osho's works. And if you have certain works of osho that don't appear in our collection, send us an email, so we can share them with the world too.
Fu*k OIF, no need to fear the capitalist bastards, all their copyrights and trademarks have just been cancelled.
"cancellation of all trademark registrations and applications by OIF, Zurich. In an unanimous verdict by the Trademark Tria... [continue...]

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Path of Love retreat in the Costa Rican forest

Posted by Ananda, email: info@pachamama, 13 Feb 2009, Friday, 6:51 GMT
Web page:

This May, PachaMama will host the Path of Love group, a deep and intensive emotional healing process.
The Path of Love has transformed many lives, and is now happening in the unique and transformative Buddha-field of PachaMama for the first time and probably for the most inexpensive price anywhere in the world.
This is an opportunity to experience emotional liberation and to dive into the deep med... [continue...]

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BuddhaHill - Music and videos in the web

Posted by Parvati, email:, 30 Jan 2009, Friday, 1:09 GMT
Web page:

Listen to the music of BuddhaHill and Morning Talks of Pan and see some impressions of BuddhaHill on video!
BuddhaHill on the internet-radio
BuddhaHill on youtube:
further informations:

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BuddhaHill Tantric Satori on tour

Posted by Parvati, email:, 30 Jan 2009, Friday, 1:03 GMT
Web page:

The BuddhaHill Tantric Satori reconnects you to your main energy source, your vitality, your sexual energy.
The Tantric Satori is an experience in which the total life energy is used as an access to meditation. When life energy flows naturally it moves upwards and expresses consciously through the physical, emotional and mental level. This process gives you a clear picture of the expression of life ener... [continue...]

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Osho Teachings

Posted by Amit, email:, 27 Jan 2009, Tuesday, 6:24 GMT
Web page:

OshoTeachings bloh shares Osho Discourses and Osho insights on Meditation, LIving and Relationshups

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looking for a beautiful room fri16.01. for about 2weeks

Posted by Nirupa + Paribodha + Nikolai, email:, 12 Jan 2009, Monday, 5:28 GMT

visiting from Greece with five year old son we hope to spend 2weeks in or around beautiful Byron. Would love one big bed somewhere out in nature with cooking facilities
Please call or text +61424252644.

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Palavras de Osho (Osho's Words)

Posted by Murilo Abreu, email:, 7 Jan 2009, Wednesday, 5:36 GMT
Web page:

Osho's quotes in Portuguese.

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short term house rental- nr byron bay

Posted by emma smith, email:, 5 Jan 2009, Monday, 10:39 GMT

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom beach house. Tastefully decorated, tropical gardens, 5 mins from the beach (south golden) 15 mins north of Byron Bay, NSW. Available 23/03/09- 22/05/09
$350 per week including bills.Pictures avaialble on request.
Referrences required.

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A Place in the Sun

Posted by Vandan, email:, 28 Dec 2008, Sunday, 10:16 GMT

This is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while now: a retirement community for sannyasins and fellow travelers.
As my generation ages (I’m 63, turning 64 in 2009), I know many of us are starting to wonder about where to spend our days.
I’ve seen many retirement villages and retirement homes around the world, and somehow it feels like a good idea to think about the possibility of living w... [continue...]

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Happy Birthday Osho

Posted by Atmo Jayakumar, email:, 11 Dec 2008, Thursday, 3:44 GMT

Beloved friends,
Osho you fill in with your love,
I feel if you were here,
See walking on the lawns
and listening to your words of truth.
There should be more lives for me,
Oh Divine Master to be with you,
To pulsate with your radiance,
dance with the harmony of existence.
LET ALL THE... [continue...]

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Furnished Appartment in Koregaon Park

Posted by Moshe Aston, email:, 9 Dec 2008, Tuesday, 6:38 GMT

CALL ME ON 9823166743/ 9822280901

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Looking For Osho Work

Posted by Bodhiunmesh, email:, 16 Nov 2008, Sunday, 11:17 GMT

Hi to all Osho Friends, Im Bodhi Osho sannyas im ready to do any work in any osho meditation resorts in this world.. im single no family burden very willing to do osho's work. Anybody need or came to your knowledge pls inform to me. my H/P No: +91 9008787649. My e-mail: With Thanks and Love Bodhi.

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Posted by susanne, email:, 15 Nov 2008, Saturday, 6:54 GMT

Suche Lebenspartner, um den Weg der spirituaellen Entwicklung zu teilen, Familie zu gr??nden, mir Kind/ Kindern zu leben. Interessiere mich f??r P?¤dagogik, Psychologie, Yoga, Tanz, K?¶rperbewusstsein. Begreife mein Leben als Beitrag, zur Erhellung der Welr beizutragen durch gelebte Liebe und die pers?¶nliche inner Weiterentwicklung. "Sei du selbst die Ver?¤nderung, die du in der Welt sehen m?¶chtest!"
w,41j. Gie??en

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spiritual school

Posted by susanne, email:, 15 Nov 2008, Saturday, 6:49 GMT

I am looking for sisters and brothers to create a spiritual school for children. A school from 1st to 13th grade with spiritual background and lightful teachers, who support psychological teamwork, violence-less kommunication, peace, yooga... Who wants to join? Live in Gie??en, next to frankfurt. I am a state teacher, 41, spiritual, female.

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Looking for Lost Ma Anandi and Swami Nirvesh

Posted by Jacques Torfs (aka Sw. bodhi Jacques), email:, 7 Nov 2008, Friday, 9:02 GMT

Yes, I am looking as usual for two long lost friends, perhaps somebody has been in touch with them in this huge playground!!!!! Oh yeah, last seen in Rajneeshpuram circa 1981

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Posted by one andall, email:, 3 Nov 2008, Monday, 10:30 GMT

'more light' stickers to stick where-ever light is needed
send us an address and we'll send you some 4free

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Sharing Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi

Posted by Jivan Leela, email:, 25 Oct 2008, Saturday, 12:37 GMT
Web page:

Invitation to the Hawaiian Massage, oceanic experience in Prague. All are welcome.

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Cook needed for an Osho Community, Somerset, UK

Posted by Leela, email:, 1 Oct 2008, Wednesday, 12:52 GMT
Web page:

Croydon Hall needs a Chef. If you are on the path of meditation, have training and experience in cooking for large groups of people (usually about 40 but sometimes up to about 80) but most importantly, you have a passion for healthy & tasty food, – this is an ideal opportunity to join our community. We offer a state of the art modern kitchen, a beautiful environment, daily Osho meditations, the company of fellow travellers supporting each other�s growth and more...

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Rooms in Bristol Tantra House

Posted by Christine, email:, 17 Sep 2008, Wednesday, 6:05 GMT

Bristol tantra House has 2 rooms coming available. We are house of 5 practising and committed to tantra meditations and Osho meditations. Some of us are Sannyasin.
rent Â?300 a month plus bills. Great location near the Downs in Clifton. Please contact for more info
Christine, Klampa, Nirjhara,

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