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Atmo Jayakumar: Asylum now a target for Islamic fanatics

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Asylum now a target for Islamic fanatics

Wrote by Atmo Jayakumar, email:, 11 Feb 2010, Thursday, 7:43 GMT
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Beloved friends,
On 9th Feb 2010 my asylum was denied and they want to send me back but I am appealing the decision as I felt the decision was not fair in dealing with documents submitted.
The US court says that the police in India can protect me from all kind of Islamic attacks and I can talk about freedom of Kashmir in India and India government gives freedom of speech for every citizens there. I have no threat there. because India is the safest place for me to live......
If any islamic fundamentalists put me to death or if India government arrest me for speaking against the attrocities of India, pakistan and militants in Kashmir, then somebody should write about my death or kept in trial to US government. I want them to know what happened to me. I won't be alive then to inform them.
with immense love,
Atmo Jayakumar